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Geeky Chic


My two favourite pairs of shoes

I met this guy a couple of weeks ago whom I hadn’t seen in a while and he told me I had become dowdy, in his opinion. I was shocked because I thought I looked good in my chuckies, a long jean skirt and a fitted tee. I said as much and his comeback was that the last time he saw me I was wearing heels and a short skirt. Needless to say I was livid. In what rules is it written that to look good one has to wear short skirts? This, by the way, has nothing to do with the mini-skirt ban that Buturo is on about.

 Is it wrong for me to be totally schizo in my wardrobe choices?


13 thoughts on “Geeky Chic

  1. to quote the (US) army. Be all that you can be, even schizo-phrenic.

  2. Dee, I’d like to introduce u to ROCKET DOGS…they are the best things to happen to my feet.
    Look them up on the internet…they will RULE. ZE. WORLD. soon. They will take over from converse all stars soon and very soon. I swear.

  3. Dee, even if you wore glasses that were one inch thick, you could never be a geek.

  4. You couldn’t look dowdy if you tried. Not even if you wore MY shoes.

  5. i like yo fave shoes, the green snoops to be exact

  6. I am co-signing with Tumwi

    tho i wouldn’t mind seeing you in them shoes…

    actually both outfits would be nice…
    and them shoes rock…

    the green ones…

    oh, heck, even the pumps

  7. Geek!!
    Am not a firm believer in fashion, but i always take pride in dressing up for the occasion and what you feel comfy in.
    I could identify with the green ones.

  8. Love, anyone knows that a mini skirt and pumps like those are to die for! You’d never beat that look with jeans and All Stars. So live with it. But you ARE allowed to look dowdy once in a while. No harm in that.

  9. cheri. you of the crocodile revolution…did i say that out loud?

    my bad.

    that is all.

  10. Wama it’s all good! You don’t have to be predictable and easy to read. I wear heels and a skirt to school one day and then sweat pants and trainers the next, and the other day I wore daddy’s shirt to the 8am chemistry lab.
    Human nature is not black and white. We are every shade of grey in between. and it’s beautiful!!
    And I want your green shoes!!

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