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Back ups

so yesterday my lover asked me if i believed in backups. I said yes, which was probably not the best answer but the truth none the less.
Here is what I think, I want to get married no matter what and if I cant find Mr. Right then I plan on marrying one of my friends or someone I am really close to. I am lucky that the person I am with is the person I would ultimately marry coz he is the person I am most comfortable with.
I tried to explain to him that one’s having a backup does not necessarily reflect badly on on’s lover. So he said that implies not having faith, and I must admit he’s onto something there but that is the nature of relationships, how mush faith one has does not usually make the relationship las any longer than it would have.
There is this movie I watched where a man and a woman made a pact that if neither of them were married by 30 then they would jump off a bridge and drown. I consider this extreme, they should have just married each other thus saving two lives.
My lover made a reference to ‘Friends’, which if you have seen, also condoned this in the episode where Phoebe has a back up and a back up to her back up. I am not saying that because a tv show condones it is right, I am just trying to prove a point since tv is an imitaion of life.
Now I know you all have your own opinions so feel free to post a comment. I want to know what u think. Ciao


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I watched Ray on thursday. I rather liked it except it was a bit on the long side. I got home at 11pm yet I had told my mom I was going to get home at 9.30pm. Anyway back to Ray, you have probably heard everyone raving about Jamie Fox’s performance, but I have to say he outdid himself. I really did not have hope in him but he disproved me when I watched the movie. Another actor who did really well was the boy acting as the young Ray, he was really good.
I also watched The Incredibles, finally. It had the best animation or graphics I had seen in a really long time and it had a very nice and involving plot. If you haven’t seen it, rent it and see it.
O.k enough with my wannabe criticism. Other than watching movies this whole weekend, I can’t say I have done anything interesting. If something comes up, I will keep you posted. Ciao.

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Ok, hate on me. I dont mind. OK I know its my fault. I was just talking to Raymond and he said I blog annually which is right. I have blogged only twice probably in two different years. I will try to blog monthly starting today. So I started working with my Godfather again and that is why I can now blog regularly.
Now I dont know what to say, there is nothing new happening in my life or atleast nothing worth talking about.
Raymonds blog makes mine look like the doodlings of a 2 year old. He has so much to say and I who hasn’t blogged in forever still can’t fill a page.
I have an idea I will do something I love and alk about movies. I am going to watch Ray tonigh and see what all the raving is about, you know, with Jamie Fox and all. I cant wait for the Oscars. I am going to watch them live and they will be on Monday at 4 am. I have to work on Monday so I guess I will be asleep on the computer. I will fill you all in on how it goes.
Ok, I think thats enough for now. I might strain myself doing so much after such a long time.