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Love spelled Google

If you know anything about me then you should know how much I love Google and all it’s products. As a matter of fact, I have seriously re-considered my move to wordpress on more than one occassion but the damn bumper stickers have got me hooked. Anyway, Gmail now offers themes and I really like the one I have now.


It’s called Desk.

Don’t even get me started on Picassa. You have to download it and try it for yourself.

Yay Google!

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Totally Random

  • I am really digging Qwela. You guys should support local industry by buying their album at only Ushs10,000/-
  • Recently my bag was stolen with everything in it. Now I carry a big bag so when I say everything, I mean everything. Anyway, I walk to the nearest police station to where the robbery took place and I report the robbery since I have to have a police report to claim my ID and a new ATM card. Now keep in mind I had nothing on me. I report the crime and the lady gives me a form and tell me to make 2 copies. Can you believe that? I looked at her and sputtered how the report she just took was to the effect that all I own had just been stolen and she looked at me like “and what has that got to do with photocopies?” I hahad.
  • Did I mention how I feel about Qwela?
  • I watched Body of Lies yesterday and Iam telling you, watch it for the character called Hani. He is so good looking.
  • By the way, Qwela play live at Emin Pasha every Friday at 7.30. You don’t have to dish out any to enter but a beer is 4,500 and a glass of the house white wine is 9,000