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The pictures…finally

The link below is to an album on facebook. You should be able to see it even if you’re not on facebook. It was the fastest way to upload all the pics.



Random Thought

Do you ever have those moments of unadulterated happiness, when joy bursts forth from you like water from a fountain and you can’t help but laugh from how good it feels?

I had a hard time mastering the multiplication tables we had to remember when we are 8 or so. I just didn’t get the whole multiplication thing and no one had ever bothered to explain it to me. All I was required to do was remember them; memorise them and recite them.

One day, I was walking around the compound trying to recite them and failing terribly and my Dad asked me what I was doing.  I told him. He sat me down in the living room and told me all I had to do was to keep adding the number whose table I was reciting to the last answer I got. For example, 9+9 is 18, 18+9 is 27, 27+9 is 36.

I was elated to finally understand what multiplication really was. I laughed out loud for like a minute because it finally made sense. Thank you Daddy.