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Over it!

I saw him, with her, yesterday and as much as I hate to admit I was really shaken. I said hi, to both of them, and had as polite a conversation as one can have with the man she still loves, against all her better judgement, and his new, once ex, girlfriend. That is by far the hardest thing I have ever done and I am grateful because it provided that closure I so badly needed. I may not be wholly over him but I am well on my way.
I know now that I am strong and I think to myself what right do i have to sulk when children in Darfur who have lost everything can still laugh as they play a game of football outside their concentration camp tents. This is good.
From now on only happy subjects. Toodles.




Ok, here I am about to post the post I have been so dying to post, finally, and not a moment too soon considering its only 3 hours till the next BHH, so here y’all are.

GEEKY CHIC (contd.)

I have been wanting to write a post about this (now, last) month’s UBHH but internet cafes hold no allure. I am finally here though and here goes.
I come to mateos, late, and the first thing I notice is no Josh and then I see Rebecca (Becky, Becca, Becks, Beck, Reba, Reb, I wonder if anyone call her any of those) and my fears are allayed. I then immedialtely spot Carlo and Soki and even before I can be seated, more peiople come. It’s Carlo and I who thought up the L shape and in retrospect I don’t know if it was such a good idea. Anyway, then Cherie comes and, boy, am I excited to se her. We sit around for a while amd I realise I am only talking to people I know socially ie Carlo, Ivan and Cherie, so I decide to not be so anti-social and scooch over to Rebecca and Chris. At about this time, Dante walks in and he looks different from his picture but he kinda looks like I would expect him to. It’s looking at him that I coin, Geeky Chic, as a matter of fact, it can be used to adequately describe all bloggers. We might be geeks but damn it, we are cool geeks and the geeks shall inherit the earth. I mean look at the founders of Google, these are young, good looking millionaire geeks. So geeky chic, oye!!! Anyway, it was the most fun, I laughed so hard and at one point, rebecca almost made my soda come out of my nose. I was really psyched to see Degstar as well, whom i discovered I knew from a previous life. I was shocked and fell in love with his glasses.

That is it, and if there are a million gramatic mistakes, forgive me but I am typing as fast as I can to beat the clock. Laters.


Anything but that!!!

I just really needed to put something up because it’s starting to look like I have no life and also like I am milking this break up thing for all it’s worth.
I have really been wanting to post about the last BHH but at this rate the next one will come around before I have actually put up my post. So read on for it.


That phrase totally sums it up for me, everyone was so good looking and I was so happy to actually know you guys. I was telling Carlo the other day that I am not up to making new friends except you blogger guys, I swear, just tell me you are a blogger and that’s enough for us to be tight till death baby!
Talking about bloggers, I ran into two bloggers very unexpectedly. I met Scofield and since I love the real Scofield and I love bloggers, this guy has like a double helping from me.
I also met Jay. I met Jay. (Can you read the excitement just leaping off the page?)
Ok I have like 3 minutes so I have to go but I will be back, soon to finish this post.