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ooooops she did it again

I loved that movie. White chicks.
I have been, just now, reading all my other friends blogs and I must say I am emabarrased. My sister said to me the other day, she said,” your blog is so boring that you have to refer us to other people’s blogs.” Can you believe her? Coz I can.
So her I am again with nothing particular to say except maybe I hate doing exams. I have 3 more left and then I am going to be a maid or Bridesmaid if you will at my uncles wedding. Now we all thought my uncle would be a bachelor forever so this is a big event for the family. So big so that My uncle fron Canada and his Wife and sons are coming to attend it. I tell you we are excited. Now I know that bridesmaids dresses anre usually revolting and ours are not much different but seeing that I would look good in a rag, this is not an issue.
Carlo I cant believe I am not going to see you for so long. I wonder if you even still read my blog or it you gave up.
I thought it would be longer till I wrote again but since we are on the verge f the new year I guess its long enough.
Now I am positive that the nxt time I blog will be in the new year. On that note, Merry christmas and a happy new year to the blogsphere.