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so i cdnt come up with a title for this blog. as i was saying my birthday. i also am going to be on billboards advertising mtn and i had a shoot on sunday at 6.30am so after my night out i didnt have enough time to sleep coz we got in at 6.00am. anyway about the billboard i was paid 1.000.000(one million uganda shillings) yeah count them. anyway the modelling agency takes 50% , i know that is a rip off. anyway so in the end i get 5 hundred thousand shillings. ok i guess thats all for now.ciao


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i had forgotten my password and the dummest thing is that it is password. ok maybe i shdnt have said that but feel free to go ahead and log on as me and blog coz i am sure it needs it.
anyway so i turned 21 on the 3rd of april and my friends and i went out on the 2nd and partied till my birthday.