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Idle Musings


Why is Marshall from HIMYM naked for most of the first scene of Forgetting Sarah Marshall?


Why did it take me so long to discover the awesomeness of Bruce Springsteen?


God is so good to me. I complain for three days about starting to be bored at what I do and voila! I’m doing something different next week. How cool is that?


21 minutes in and I think this movie has just peaked.


This man is the only man I’ve ever heard actually sing in a British accent.


Funny quote: “It’s like the Sopranos…It’s over.”


Let me just watch the movie and stop faux posting.


8 thoughts on “Idle Musings

  1. heheh. Like the musings. i should steal your idea.

  2. LOL. Just watched that movie yesterday. Totally hilarious. the brit lothario guy was the winner.

    Or maybe I’m just messed up.

    So what’s the cool thing this week? Come on. Spill.

  3. yeah wats the cool thing this week.

    the british dude just made the movie, i liked his song,

  4. eh.. even me lemme start complaining!

  5. Those revenge of the nerds movies are sooooo over. Do not watch Pineapple Express. Please.

  6. This complaining thing must really be high on God’s to-do list. Halleluiah!
    That movie was pointless and useless. I don’t even remember it being funny. Maybe because I got a really awful copy that had missing scenes too.

  7. Bruce Springsteen endorsed Obama with a concert in his honour. For that matter, I’m voting for Obama.

    I see Ernest is drawing u to our side.

    Guys, u lie. Russel Brand isn’t a good actor. He is totally NOT.

  8. Yes, Ugandans can vote.

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