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Be Silent!

Before I start, everyone go here and post a comment, just trying to be a good friend.
I saw Be Silent on Friday at Al Zawadee’s Rock Night. (You happy?) Friday was a really good night for me, not only because I ran into BS but because I was out with my husband after forever. I love rock, and if you have been reading my blog you know this, so it helped that they were playing it this very night. It was so much fun and ended much too soon but I want write about more than this is how I was locked out of my house this very night. I parted ways with Alfie at about 2.00am and got a cab home where I sat outside the house for a half hour pounding on the door to no avail. I finally gave up and decided to join Ivan a.k.a Genius at Cheese bar. I have never been locked out no matter how late I have been, apparently no one heard because the boy who usually opens the door was out as well. Unbelievable. Even after all this, Friday was still a really good night for me.
I seem to meeting many bloggers these days, I met Country Boy on Sunday, granted this was arranged not like bumping into Caramel/Pancake/Idi Koko/Cherie L’amour or whatever she is calling herself these days (girl, I can hardly keep track). Country Boy is helping me out with a little something but still it is a little weird putting faces and expressions and nuances to all these characters that are such a big part of my life on a daily basis, you know.
In other news, I didn’t go for the PAM Awards after all, it seems my demands were just too much for anyone to handle. It doesn’t sound like I missed much though, or is that just me trying to make myself feel better?
Nothing more, laterz.



Post Rock Night Chronicles

I haven’t been to Steak Out for Rock Night in ages and last night I was there inadvertently (is that the spelling?) I had a wedding meeting to attend there yesterday and it ran a little long so I hung around afterwards with my girlfriend, Benita.
Allow me to digress a little, I have nothing against people who hold wedding meetings, don’t get me wrong but having never been to one, I didn’t know why Alfred was so opposed to the idea of one. Now, however, I am completely in agreement with him, I won’t do it. I am going to start saving seriously so that I can pay for my small wedding by myself.
Back to ‘The Steak’, like my friend refers to it. We go to the bar get ourselves a drink and who do we run into but the inimitable Cherie L’Amour herself. Now let me just say that those pictures that some of us were lucky to see do not do her a lick of justice. Those of you who didn’t see probably don’t know what I am talking about, too bad. I must say that I love being a girl, if a guy was gushing over the looks of one of his own I would question his sexual orientation but with me it’s ok, right? Even if it isn’t, like the stereo typical blonde high school bitch would say, Whatever!
Meanwhile, every one is asking me if I am going for the PAM Awards and unfortunately my answer is a sad no so if any of you are going and need a date, I am beautiful arm candy, intelligent and cheap. I want to go VIP though only for the tables. Holla. Did I mention funny?
See y’all at the winners’ table.



First of all, I am not married… not yet. Like I said to Minty, that’s just what I call him. Confession Possession. If everything goes according to plan though, I will be inviting y’all to a July wedding. Fingers crossed.
Savage, you have put me on the spot and even when I was inviting these questions I knew the ones from you were going to be the toughest to field but I am prepared.
Caveat: My answers might alter the way some of you see me but I guess it’s better to be honest.
1) Yes, though I don’t know if I should call it a one – night stand seeing as it lasted 3 days.
2) No. I have never cheated on any one of my boyfriends. What’s the point? If I get to a stage in a relationship where I am even thinking of sleeping with anyone other than my partner, I consider this a big sign in red neon telling me it’s over. So no, never cheated.
3) My girlfriends, I would like to think. I have never actually been in a situation where I had to choose and I don’t like to predict my behaviour because I usually surprise even myself but I have known my girlfriends forever and I am usually skeptical of new people so based on this information it would be girlfriends trumps lover.
4) 16. Doris, how shocked are you?
5) I am the kind who has nothing against tattoes. I would have something nuetral that can be altered if the situation is. For example, my ex-boyfriends initials are JS and I always thought of getting the initials which I would later fill in with ESU if anything ever happened which it did so it’s a good thing I didn’t get it.
6) This question is… I am speechless. I am going to answer it but I expect you to comment and tell me why you asked it and also how you prefer it. No.
Onto Inktus’ qns;
1) First love – details
2) Fav. sibling – reasons
3) Fav. song – reasond

1) This is going to be hard pill to swallow for some of you but Alfred is actually my first love. I have had boyfriends before but none I have ever really loved. My last boyfriend and I were together 4 years and were talking marriage but I never really was in love with him. I realise this now and I know some of you are going to ask if I realise this after we broke up, if something happens with Alfie won’t it be the same thing? No, it won’t. I have never been as afraid of being dumped as I am now. It would completely shatter me because this is the only time I have ever really cared. I have never been dumped by the way. Another thing you might not believe, when I was 14 I had a dream of the man I was going to marry and to describe him I might as well be describing Alfie. From the time I had the dream till now, I had never dated a man with the specifications of my dream man. No one light, tall, thin, handsome. All my boyfriends have been dark, some fat others small. None of them conventionally handsome but Alfie is my dream man. So Ishta my first love story is still being written and I will fill you in along the way.
2) I have 2 sisters and 1 brother, Cindy, Doris and Arnold. Doris is my fav. sibling (I hope you are happy to see I am writing about you). When I was younger it used to be Arnold simply because Doris was so big headed but now she is more grown up and so am I so we get along much better. Cindy is 11 years younger than me so that might explain why she isn’t.
3) I don’t have a favourite song. I have a favourite book and a favourite movie but no fav. song. I don’t know why. My fav. book is Man and Boy by Tony Parsons, you should all read it. It is amazing. Coming a close second is The Little Prince. I don’t even know who wrote it, it’s a children’s book but with some of the most profound things you will ever read. My fav. movie is Tuesdays with Morrie with Hank Azaria and Jack Lemmon. If you watch this movie and read those books it might give you and insight on who I am.
I think I have answered all your questions satisfactorily. I have a few of my own for y’all so go ahead and ask me to ask you. Thank you for giving me something to blog about, I was dying here.
I’m out.



I am so ronery like Kim Jong Il said in Team America: World Police. That is why I have been so quiet. My social life had started revolving around my husband who is out of town now and has been for so long now, I have lost count. Seriously, if he doesn’t come back soon, the time I haven’t seen him in will be longer than the time I have actually spent with him.

I called someone yesterday and he said he doesn’t remember me. Now, this never happens to me… at all, so you will appreciate my shock. I just could not believe it. A name like mine does not easily skip one’s memory. Later I find out he was joking, this wasn’t funny. Anyway, it got me thinking about how mean I must be coz I never remember anyone, my memory is total crap. That said, I can’t forget all y’all who actually take time out to read this crap and actually miss me when I am gone.

In the abscence of a social life, I have been doing alot of thinking and I wonder if the concept of Pay it Forward would work in a practical world. I know it would be ideal ( have you guys seen that movie? The concept is, if someone does you a good turn, instead of paying them back, you do a good turn to someone else, in effect, paying it forward) and I was thinking about it and I just did not see it working especially since some people can’t even be bothered to pay it back. What do you think?

Also, so I can have something to write in my next post, I am pulling a Jayesque move. Ask me, anything. You can do it in my comments or send me an email, but please be nice… or don’t, doesn’t matter.

I’m out.