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Who else thinks Bjork is totally wierd?


I really want to read ‘The Namesake’ by Jhumpa Lahiri. Does anyone have it?


I’m trying to download Second Life and it’s taking forever. Has anyone tried it? What’s it like?


I’m listening to Bob Dylan for the first time and I wonder what the heck I’ve been waiting for.


Is it obvious how I have nothing to say?


Before I forget, BHH is Thursday the 25th of September at Mateos at 6.30pm. See you there.


9 thoughts on “Randomsies

  1. no i find bjork quite intriguing.oh and sockisi!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wierd is an understatement when refering to Bjork…But I think Swedes are wierd!

  3. Bjork needs major help.

    Who’s “Jhumpa Lahiri”?

  4. @Sherry, love Bjork is from Iceland.

    About a year ago I watched her film “Dancer in the Dark”. I was extremely depressed after that. Extremely. For days. I’ve kept away from anything Bjork related since then.

    Can’t come for BHH courtesy of a random conference on random stuff across the border in Githeri Land. Have fun!

  5. Bjork is weird is an awesome sorta way, at least for me.

    I watched and own the movie Namesake, directed by part time Kampala resident Mira Nair. I dunno if it was based on that book. I don’t read books, so go figure.

    I have never contemplated second life. Don’t plan to, regardless of the Hype.

    I am not sure I am into Bob Dylan’s music, but I am into his last name. If I ever have a son, he will be called Dylan.

  6. i eagerly await live reports…

  7. it was [wait for LEGENDARY!!
    the BHH i mean

  8. Second Life is boring, don’t bother. U’d need real money to make it probably worthwhile.

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