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For Inktus.

“I hate India,” my swimsuit queen mentioned savagely as I passed her. “And there’s plenty of it to hate. I hate the heat, and it’s always hot, even when it rains, and I really hate the rain. I hate the food, and you can’t drink the water. I hate the poor people, and they’re all over the place. I hate the rich people, they’re so goddamn pleased with themselves. I hate the crowds, and you’re never out of them. I hate the way the people speak too loud and dress in purple and ask too many questions and order you around. I hate the dirt and I hate the smell and I specially hate squatting down to shit. I hate the money because it can’t buy anything, and I hate the stores because there’s nothing to buy. I hate the movies, I hate the dancing, I hate the music. I hate the languages because they’re not plain English and I hate the English because it’s not plain English either. I hate the cars except the American cars and I hate those too because they’re all ten years out of date. I hate the schools because they’re really jails and I hate the holidays because you’re not free even then. I hate the old people and I hate the kids. I hate the radio and there’s no tv. Most of all I hate all the goddamn gods.”
“Want to know what I like, what’s the only thing I like?” “I love the sea,”…

An excerpt from ‘The Ground Beneath Her Feet’ -Salman Rushdie.




I went for rock night on Thursday and had just a little too much to drink so I failed to wake up on Friday to come to work, so I didn’t, my excuse, sick day. I enjoyed my day off so much, I woke up late, had a fitting breakfast, read, went to the saloon, had a hotdog then went back home and read some more before going to bed early. I loved every minute and I wish I didn’t have to come to work at all.

In an unrelated development, this guy at work has been wanting to buy me lunch since I started so I finally conceded to go with him on Thursday. Now up till then I had been hinting that I love fast food, hotdogs, fries, burgers, anything fried and unhealthy, I like. So it’s Thursday and time for lunch, he sends his driver to come pick me up, I ask where we are going and he says it’s a surprise so I am excited, naturally. I get in the car, we go and the driver points out to me where we are going as we circle some building around the Nakasero Market area. I can’t make out any discernable restaurant so I start getting worried. I am wearing low slung jeans and a small black top so I am worried about where I am going to sit and still hoping against hope that it will be a high backed chair, it isn’t. We finally find a parking spot and start walking to the eatery, as I will refer to it from now on. I am not sure if this eatery has a name but I believe any eatery where you have to go through the open air kitchen to get to the benches you will be seated on should be referred to as a ‘kafunda’. The food, I have to say, was good but I have to say to all you guys, do not take me to a ‘kafunda’ the first time you take me out unless ofcourse I am given prior knowledge so I can dress appropriately.

I have run out of steam which is ok since I have run out of things to say as well. Till later.



I didn’t jump!! Can you believe it? After all the hype, and I don’t think I am going to anytime soon, either. The guy who does the bungee jumping wasn’t there this weekend, trust Uganda!
In other news,… nothing. Is that so sad? I have no life outside my work and the book I am reading at the time.
Hey, I remembered something, I had a date yesterday and I was stood up. Have you seen my pictures, how could anyone stand me up? I have never ever been stood up before in my life. I think it’s only fair I give you the whole story.
I was at Steak Out on thursday, as I already told y’all, and I met this guy who spoke well and had a very original pick up line, he said hi and everything, then he said, “By the way, I am totally hitting on you…” I found that hilarious, maybe it was simply the number of Black Ices I had consumed but I agreed to meet him on Thursday at Cafe Pap at 6.30, I got there at 6.50 so either he was there and left or he simply didn’t show up.
Either way, I was stood up. New feeling,and I must say I don’t much like it.
Ok, I think that’s it;
See y’all tomorrow at Steak Out for yet another Rock Night.

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I am really sorry about the spelling in most of my posts, but my keyboard is wonky. I try to make sure that the spelling is fine but I miss out on some words so forgive me. I have a problem with reading badly edited work and I hate that mine is sometimes.
Thank you for your most gracious pardon.

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I am reading the most amazing book by the most amazing author.

The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie. I want to describe to you how amazing this book is but I just do not have the vocabulary, Salman Rushdie, on the other hand, is blessed.

Have you ever read a line so good you just go back and read it over and over and then you don’t want to read on because you are afraid that it was the best tline in the bok and everything else will go downhill yet you are just at the beginning of the novel? I feel this way about almost everyline. I have to share a few with you;

“He was a father who loved his sons and came to be hated by all of them becaue of the harangue that never ended, the critique that reached n final summation but surged on through the ays of their youth, while they, swimmers caught by the mighty wave of his disappointment, fought for breath and feared at every moment that they might drown.”

“Such were the factors that detached Ormus Cama from the ordinary ties of family life. The ties that strangle us, which we call love. Because of the loosening of these ties he became, with all the attendant pain of such becoming, free.
But love is what we want, not freedom. Who then is the unluckier man? The beloved, who is given his heart’s desire and must forever after fear its loss, or the free man, with his unlooked-for liberty, naked and alone between the captive armies of the earth?

Is that not some of the most bautiful writing you have ever read? And I am not even quarter way.

I was watching a programme on Discovery or some other channel about the anti-Christ and they said that he would be a brilliant orator and I was thinking, “Shit, Salman Rushdie is the anti-Christ.”

On the whole, I strongly recommend you read it.


Adventure and Rock.

Let’s start with the Rock. Yesterday was Rock Night at Steak Out and it was one of the best rock nights I have ever gone for. I wish I had recorded the play list so you could guys could feel bad that you missed; if you were not there, I am sorry, for there will never be another like it.

On to the adventure, I am going bungee jumping tomorrow and white water rafting on Sunday. I am spending the weekend in Jinja, so after work tomorrow, I will be off. I can’t wait! My friends are telling me not to get a heart attack but that is the farthest thing from my mind. I am so excited, I am actually enjoying my day after realising that Saturday is only tomorrow. Oh shit, I have to pack, but what do you pack to fling yourself off a high precipice to certain death? Jeans, I guess.

See you all when I have defied gravity, nature and death.


P.S. Carlo, I know!



I want to be married.

I do.

I want to wake up next to someone everyday.
I want to miss this when he is away.
I want someone to come home to
or someone to come home to me.
I want a witness;
to my joys, my sorrows, my life.
I want to disagree with him and scream,
go off into violent fits
and then talk it through with him and whisper my apology,
praying my weakness is not too much for him to forgive.
I want to read with him, sing to him, dance with him; for him and watch life with him.

I, too, want to be a witness.
Assuring him that his life is not in vain
for I am here.