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BHH (the real one)

Hey there.

The real BHH is on Thursday 30th October, 2008 at Mateos. I’ll be there at 6.30pm as usual and the rest of you will saunter in at will.

See you there.



Soup Kitchen Recap

Like I said before, I didn’t get a chance to go to the soup kitchen but I did get some pics. But first some facts;

  • The soup kitchen at a BEUGA (Basic Education for Urban Poor Areas) center where the kids around Katanga go to become literate. The teachers there are volunteers and some of them grew up in Katanga.
  • The kids there range from 3 to 11 years of age.
  • The classes take place everyday but there is no lunch provided for these kids except for once a day and that meal is a cup of porridge which is why Jose came up with the idea for the soup kitchen.

There were 6 people (Richard, William, Christine, Grace, Phillip, Prim) who volunteered to help Jose and these 7 served more than 70 children the chapatis they had bought and the beans they had prepared themselves for lunch.

Here are the pictures.


Here you can see the volunteers after they have already prepared the food and are serving it. Richard, who has his own post up, says the food tasted pretty good.

They bought 200 chapatis and by the end of the lunch not even a morsel was left. Richard took these pictures on his phone, by the way, if the quality is not up to par although I really love this last one.

Again, you can reach Jose on 0782430333 for any questions or to provide any assistance.

Check out Richard’s post for a different take on the day.


More on the Soup Kitchen

The soup kitchen is on today. Jose says all the volunteers are meeting at Akamweesi at 12.00pm in Room E1. If you’re late, you still need to head to Room E1 where there will be someone to show you where the soup kitchen is. Pass by even if it’s just to see what’s going on.


Some of you had a few questions and here are the answers. The funding is made through fundraising, Jose and his friends and hopefully some of you good people out there contribute the money we use to buy either the chapatis or flour to make the chapatis and the beans which the volunteers cook.


Jose’s number is 0782430333. Give him a call to support the soup kitchen or simply to get directions.


There will be pictures up here next week documenting how the first day went.


I am so bummed that I can’t make it there. I, as usual, am at work so do show up and rep the blogosphere. Let’s make a difference.


Blog Action Day post

I was wondering what to write as my post for blog action day. The issue of poverty is such a wide one that I don’t know where to start.


I will start by saying that I don’t actually know any poor people. I don’t mean broke people but people who live on less than the 1$ a day that is apparently the threshold of poverty.


I have said on occassion that I am poor but I am not poor, not by a long shot. I live with my Mom so I don’t pay rent, I have a pretty good job that I enjoy doing that pays me enough to live on, buy groceries for my home and pay the occassional utility bill. I have acces to internet 24/7 either at work or at home or even on the move using my phone. I go out to eat with my friends and only on Saturday I cooked lunch for a bunch of them.


The question is, how does poverty affect me? On a global scale or even just in my neighbourhood.


I don’t know. What I do know is I can empathise with the world’s poor simply because I have been hungry before. Each of you has ever been really hungry with nothing to eat, so hungry all you can do is sleep. Now imagine having that hunger loom over you for your whole life.


That is why I am going to volunteer at a ‘soup kitchen.’ A friend of a friend is starting one in Katanga and the first serving is on Saturday from 12.00 (mid day) to 3.00pm. His name is Jose and we will be serving ‘Kikomando’ which for DeT’s sake is chapati and beans.


Do come down and join us. I will post more details tomorrow.


Improptu as if BHH

We will be having an improptu BHH earlier this month so our dear DeTamble who came all the way from Australia can attend and also so we can meet and commiserate with Joshi as well.


The date is Thursday 16th October and the place is Mateos as per the usual.


This does not mean we shall not be having the real BHH will not be there later in the month.


See you there.


Book Swap

Do you like to read? Do you buy books alot? Do you then have a bunch of books you have read you wish you could trade with someone else for books you haven’t read?

Image respectfully ripped from

Image respectfully ripped from

I will be organising a bi-monthly do, where if you fit the criteria mentioned above, we will meet and swap the books we have read for those we want to read.


If you are interested, send an e-mail to


Nice reading!