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I am not going to make my usual excuses for being so lost simply because I have neither the inclination nor the time.
Straight to why I am posting. Doos anyone else feel like they need something more? Okay, I realise that that is very cryptic but allow me to explain. For the past 80 minutes I have been browsing my usual list of blogs, big ups to; baz, degstar, inktus, carlo, savage, rich, raymond, iwaya, one and anyone else I have neglected to mention yet you are positive you are in this group, it’s only because I have the worst memory imaginable. As i browsed i realised that I know only about 5 of these bloggers personally, now I don’t mean to sund needy but I need more. I wonder about these people, who are they, what are they into, are they happy, do they have a close network of friends, are they loners with alot of time on their hands? Too many questions, not enough grey matter? I feel that even though the net has given me the chance to be a part of these peopl’s lives when , in all probability, I never would have been, it has also kept me away from them. I am not a atalker, by the way, I just feel I need to connect with virtual friends of mine with whom a rapport has been established. Mostly, I just feel like a voyeur because I can read all about what happens in these people’s lives and their take on so many issues close to my heart yet this is not reciprocated because I don’t blog as much which is no one’s fault but my own. I realise this is turning into a boring insight and that I am mostly to blame for the state of things but I still have the right to rant, once in a while.
I would like to know what you all think of cyberspace and the distance it creates and diminishes all at once.
See you in space.