Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.


Excuse me while my heart breaks.

I am miserable and this is not an easy post to write, I have cried sufficiently so now I can actually write this. I think I have been dumped, no, make that, I have been dumped. The man who I thought I was going to marry is such a coward he can’t even do it properly. Ok, I don’t want to be mean but I am officially back on the shelf, yippee!! (Can you totally tell I’m kidding, I’m devastated) Now I don’t want your pity. Just tell me how to get over him, fast.
The details are that I haven’t heard from him in three weeks and he is not dead or out of town, I see him driving along and I just want to scream. Before I accepted that I had actually been sumped I was making excuses like I don’t have a phone and neither does he so we just keep missing each other but he has an email address which I inundated with mail and got not even one reply. I hate that I was so smitten and I can’t stand myself for feeling like I do coz, I might not look it, but I am one tough cookie. I hate that I gave someone the power to make me feel like this. I will be fine I’m sure and I will be back with more light hearted material on how my dating life will be like. I have studied this relationship in retrospect and I see how I did everything wrong. Please tell me how to stop it from hurting so much. See y’all around.



Nothing Special.

I was on my way home yesterday when the funniest thing happened. You know, if you live in Ntinda just how hard it is to get a taxi home between the hours of 6 and 8pm. I decided to get taxi to Kamwokya and then another to Bukoto. Apparently, I wasn’t the only person who thought of this because the number of people at the stage was unbelievable. I decided to walk home since it is pretty close to the stage. As I was walking, some guy starts walking next to me and, I guess, as a means of striking up a conversation says, “It is very hard to get a taxi.” I don’t say anything, thinking he can’t possibly be talking to me or that if I ignored him, he would go away. That didn’t work and he said it again, “It is very hard to get a taxi.” This time I look up to see who this guy is and maybe if I know him. I didn’t. When he saw he had my attention, he said it again, “It is very hard to get a taxi.” This time, I nod. He takes this as a cue to go into a long narrative about how one hustles for the taxi and the conductors are so mean as if one won’t be paying the fare and about how the fares have hiked and how unfair that is to the ordinary man and woman. I make some kind of agreeing sound and he then proceeds to introduce himself as Farooq and asks my name. I make up one since I was not up to the jokes that usually follow once I tell people my name. He asks if I have a phone and I say that I don’t since I don’t have one right now. He then gives me his number. I burst out and laughed right there and told him that even if I did remember his number I would not call him. So he asked why? This is where I was stumped, what do you say? What do you say that does not sound very mean or that would satisfy him as a good enough reason why I won’t call him. Because I have enough friends and don’t want anymore, that would be untrue. Help me out here people.
When I told some of my girlfriends this story it led into a conversation about the worst pick up lines we have ever heard. One of my girlfriends was told she must be a broom because she had swept some guy off his feet. Another guy said, “I am humbled.” Perplexed, my girlfriend asks why and he counters, “by such great beauty.” I must say I can’t remember any pick up line that was ever used on me except some guy who asked, “you know I am totally hitting on you, right?” I found that hilarious and I think I have told y’all about it before.
So please tell me some of the worst and best pick up lines you have heard or dished out yourselves.


I suck at interviews.

You would think a together girl like me would breeze right through them but I don’t, in fact, I suck! I had one today at UTL and if I were me I would not hire me. I forgot what I wanted to do, I bumbled through most of it and the only thing I could do was grin foolishly. The guy must have been thinking, “what a ditzy air head.” I am so bummed. Is there any way to get a job without actually having an interview and if not could one of you volunteer to coach me so I don’t screw my next one up? I need help.