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Uganda Best of Blog Awards.

The polls are finally up on The Kampalan so go on over there and vote for your favourite blogs. Voting ends on 27th February so see you in the winners’ circle.



BHH Recap

And so it was, BHH I mean and it rocked. I was the first one there as I usually am only because I work so close to Mateos and finish work at 4 so I am basically idle till 6. I wasn’t there long and who comes along but the blushing bride-to-be Be Silent herself. We talked about Tandra‘s latest post which reads like a Hollywood rom-com with none of the rom or com just the tears. We weren’t there long when Carlo came with Pesh who despite not having a blog reads them religiously. Ivan was next, fresh from his gig on the radio (Vision Voice 94.8 they had better pay me for this) discussing which one in the couple should declare their wealth to the other, the man or the woman. Does this mean they are not allowed to talk about same sex couples?

Rachel was next and she was shortly followed by Mr. Back to Basics himself, Edmund with Tandra. Kissyfur came soon after and we had a newbie, Lucy decided to deign us with her presence. We introduced Pesh to her as Keitetsi and it was not pretty. Did I forget to mention Peter had been there for ages by this time? Flora came last but not too late and she invited someone along. Brian knows his series so he was fun. The whole night in general was a good one. We didn’t get into the whole ‘I am not my tribe’ debate as we thought we would but we did get to see Ivan show off his Zune and Peter show off his Iphone. (But also boys!) The nomination sheets were handed out and the list will be out later on today. The night was soon over and we were all out of there by 9.30pm.

P.S There was no Guinness!


Night Rider

It is 2.00am and I am in my living room having just been dropped home from work. It is always so beautiful driving (or being driven) around Kampala at night and I thought I would share what that is like for me with you guys. Bear with me for I am an amateur, here I present Night Rider: A home made movie by me.If some images a are blurry and there is a bit of bumping, please, chalk it up to the moving car. I hope you enjoy.

If it is a bit bumpy or blurry in some places, please chalk it up to the moving car and not to my inexperience.

Later loverlies.


Only a few questions.

Despite there being no fuel in town, there was a massive traffic jam on my way to work today. This is so not good, the no fuel I mean. I was speaking to someone earlier today who called to my attention the fact that we are not the only ones suffering from the border closing. I had forgotten that Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and Sudan all benefit from neighbouring Kenya. If this carries on much longer, everything will eventually be priced much higher to factor in the price of fuel.
While we are on the subject of Kenya, what I want to ask, what gets me so incensed, is the machetes. Must it be machetes? I wonder about the human condition when one man can hack another to death and watch him die as he does this. We have an incredible capacity for evil as humans, we do. To burn up a church with women and children in it simply because they are not the same tribe as you is ludicrous and I cannot believe it is happening. Is there anything I can do, we can do to stop the madness? I also wonder about a man who starts out with a pledge to help his people but goes on to let this evil fester right under his nose knowing it is all his own fault. Does Kibaki not care? I know they say that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely but how can he not care at all? How long will he not care? Now, I am not very political at all but it sucks to see what is happening and to have it happen only next door. Please don’t let this turn into another genocide. Kenya, you are all very much in my prayers.

Year in Review

All in all, I have had a pretty interesting year.

I got my heart broken and met the love of my life.

I got a job, lost it, got another one and got a promotion.

I moved house and really love the one I’m in now.

I pierced my tongue and let the second piercings in my ear seal up.

I got green eyes which I assure you I love. (see banner)

I cried, laughed, sighed, danced, loved and lived.

The one still to come.

For the new year I resolve to

Blog more often (yeah right)

Care more practically (i.e. give alms and volunteer for good causes)

And the biggie, launch the Read-A-Book Literacy programme. (I want to promote the reading culture in primary school going children and I need all of you guys help to make this happen. You can start by giving me all your old children’s books and promising to volunteer to read to the kids when I need you to.)

Wish me luck.


And another one.

I can’t believe we are in another year. I remember the New Year’s Eve of 2007 so vividly as if it were yesterday. Actually, a little better than yesterday considering it was way more fun. This is what I did for New Year’s Eve yesterday. I watched Rent with my sisters. What did you do?