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New Business’ name

Friends, Countrymen, Bloggers,

I need your help. I am in the process of starting a new business but I have failed to come up with a name for it that I like or feel will be taken seriously, which is where you come in. I am going to give you the options that I have come up with and u guys will help me decide or come up with a new name for me altoghether.

I suppose I should tell you what the business will be doing then; it is a consultancy dealing exclusively with Social Media issues.

Ok, here’s what I have:

SMM (which in this case stands for Social Media Marketing, not very creative, I know)

KoDee Social Media Consultancy (which is a play on my name but is also knocking on the door to be let in, see what I did there? Except I don’t think it’s very accessible sounding)

Darlkom’s Social Media Consultancy (because Darlkom is my internet handle and is pretty google-able although I have had to spell it each time I say it to anyone, I guess I would also have to spell KoDee)

SMC (Social Media Consultancy, again with the initials but not very creative either)

And that’s all I got. You gotta help me! Thanks 🙂