Dee In A Nutshell

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Scary Changes

I am leaving my job on Thursday and I am terrified. I didn’t think I would care but I guess it’s only natural to feel a bit of apprehension before such a major decision. The things I am going to miss most are my all day access to the internet and a free phone. I abused the company phone so much in that I am sure the bill is so going to reflect my abscence. My friends will miss the free phone thing too, won’t you Ivan? I, however, will not miss waking up early and looking for what to wear, those two things I can do without. Oh, I will miss having a disposable income as well. šŸ˜¦
I said scary changes, but really there is only this one major change. I’ll be fine though, right?



Hot off the shelf!!!

I have just purchased the very first copy of Ernest Bazanye’s Worst Idea which is a compilation of the best of Bad Idea for the last 5 or 6 years and I got the FIRST copy. Rush out and get one, they will be in Aristoc soon and selected book stores along with New Vision Agents. I am going to start reading it now and will post a review soon.


Rock Night Chronicles

So I have been AWOL for a while which can be explained by the fact that there were two rock nights this week so I didn’t come to work on either Friday or Saturday. On Thursday I went to Steak Out as usual but I wasn’t there long. First I went to Al Zizi’s to meet a few of my friends of mine and when they left I went to Steak Out where, at the entrance, I met one of my oldest friends, Kaza with Baasha and Brian, we go in and meet 2 of my oldest friends, Faith and Miti with Kate (friend too, but not as old). Later on my Alfie passed by (oh, he’s back from gallivanting about the world) and took me home. A fun night though a bit on the tame side. Got home and got to tallking to my mom for about 4 hours finally got into bed at 3.00am and just could not get up for work on Friday.
Friday is rock night as Al z’s so I went back there. This was really cool because Ivan passed by with Paul and Kiwa and they came with flash discs full of some really new, really rockin’ music so it was pretty cool. Left there and relocated to the Rouge, which I love but hadn’t been to in ages because Hubby has my membership card and I really feel like I’m putting my membership to waste if I pay for my entrance, which I had to do this time though. Had a blast and later went to Ange and finally got home at about 5.00am. There was no way I was going to make it in to work on Saturday considering the amount of alcohol I had consumed and the time I got into bed. I was supposed to go out on Saturday again but there was no way I was going to manage that since my hangover lasted till Sunday morning (love that song by Maroon 5).
Otherwise, I have officially handed in my two weeks notice, I am leaving this place on November 30th or maybe December 1st. That means I won’t be able to post as regularly but I will seriously try to post at least twice a week.
That’s it my darlings, goodbye.


You are going to be just fine dahling!

So I went swimming on Saturday at a private pool. Sounds all exclusive, doesn’t it? Well, it isn’t. It is at a friend’s house so I guess that is about as private as you get, right? I hadn’t been swimming in a while. Granted, I went to the same pool the previous Saturday but I can’t exactly call what I spent 4 hours doing swimming. This time I went all out and I paid dearly for it on Sunday, as I am still paying. Every muscle in my body is rebelling against the impulses from my brain, I can barely move. Typing this is using up more energy and will power than I have used in the past year.
Anyway, I ran into Cherie and BS yesterday at AlZizi, as someone I know refers to it. I was going to say that this blogger sighting is getting out of hand then I realised I only see the same bloggers. Where are the rest of you? Show yourselves.


What is all that about? I hate being out of the loop so if you have any ideas clue me in.


Rock Night Chronicles

I apologise that I haven’t posted in a week, even I can’t believe it’s been that long, instead I have been blog hopping and thoroughly enjoying myself doing so.
So I went for rock night again yesterday and I am not going to complain about not being hit on because I was only there for an hour and was mobile the whole time so I didn’t really give anyone a chance to hit on me. Ivan attoned for his sins by coming with me this time since he ditched me the last and although we were only there for about 10 songs it was, as always, a blast. I got to talking to one of the djs who said that he will be leaving soon and since the other dj is Kenyan, I am hoping this does not spell the end of rock night as we know it or at the least it’s decline. I propose we run a ‘Save the Rock Night’ campaign and find some cool dj so that I don’t have to spend my Thursday nights moping about the house.
In other news, I am totally bored with my job and seriously considering quitting. What I am going to do is go to Mombasa on Dec 1st, then go to Goa with my husband for Christmas and New Year’s and if the job is still here when I get back, I will keep it, if not… whatever.
Gotta go and actually earn my next paycheck. Toodles.


Rock Night Chronicles

The title kinda gives the story away, doesn’t it? Anyway, I went to Steak Out yesterday for yet another Rock Night. I went by myself and incredulously, I wasn’t hit on… not once. Yes, I am complaining. I need a little validation and, if I do say so myself, I looked good too. How do I, how does any woman sit at a bar alone and not invite unwanted but sometimes much needed advances from strangers? Go on, I want some answers. Otherwise, I am paying for last night but happily, I am not grumbling.
In other news, I visited a new blog and the first thing I saw was a bat, now I am terrified of rats and bats. Reminded of a time in my third year on campus (I say that like it was ages ago, it wasn’t) and a bat entered my room and I was alone. I screamed bloody murder and to this day I can’t believe that I didn’t wake up the whole Hall let alone the floor. My room’s window was directly below a nest/cave/hell/wherever they live and they would come and go as they pleased sometimes nestling in my hair which, my friends said was because it was so black, had it tinted after that. So this one night I was alone in my room and Satan saw fit to send me one of his little winged angels and like I said I screamed like I was being hit on by PeeWee Herman. It was dark and my bulb had blown so I couldn’t even turn on the light, it was flapping around so I couldn’t get out, I was well and truly a prisoner in my own room. When I finally got over my screaming fit, I made a dash for the door and went and knocked on one of my friends’ door, have I mentioned this was about 3.00am? As I was standing in the corridor waiting for them to hear my frantic calls, this cat that was rummaging in the trash just stops, sits and stares at me, it stayed that way till my friend opened the door. I got up the next morning and cautiously entered my room to the sight of the bat with it’s head buried in my sink. I had to pay someone to take it out and I couldn’t use that sink for a week. I might have forgotten to mention that I sleep naked so I threw on whatever I found which was a small t-shirt, since I couldn’t enter my room until the bat from hell had vacated so I spent the better part of my morning in next to nothing.
So, I hope to see yinz at Al Zawadee tonight.