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This cat can rhyme (and maybe you’ll find out something about the news of the week in Uganda while you’re listening)

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I wonder


I wonder about my mother. What is was like for her growing up. What it would be like if we were growing up at the same time and had each other to confide in while going through the same shit stages that life puts you through sometimes. I wonder because she is my mother but also because she’s more than just my mother. It takes us a while, all of us, to start seeing our parents as people and it took my mother leaving me for that to happen to me. I wonder if she was in awe of the newness of everything when she got off the plane with her 2 kids at O’Hare and my father was there to pick them up. I wonder if she had to contain the magnitude of her feelings so her children would pick up on her alarm and enjoy their own feelings separate from her own. I wonder what her and my father talked about that night just before they slept, before starting a whole new life after having already lived a whole one here in Uganda. I wonder if that is something I would be able to do myself. Mostly, I wonder at how much alike we really are and whether that is a product of nature or nurture. I do not wonder, however, that even if I grew up to be just half the woman she is, I would be one hell of a woman.


New Business’ name

Friends, Countrymen, Bloggers,

I need your help. I am in the process of starting a new business but I have failed to come up with a name for it that I like or feel will be taken seriously, which is where you come in. I am going to give you the options that I have come up with and u guys will help me decide or come up with a new name for me altoghether.

I suppose I should tell you what the business will be doing then; it is a consultancy dealing exclusively with Social Media issues.

Ok, here’s what I have:

SMM (which in this case stands for Social Media Marketing, not very creative, I know)

KoDee Social Media Consultancy (which is a play on my name but is also knocking on the door to be let in, see what I did there? Except I don’t think it’s very accessible sounding)

Darlkom’s Social Media Consultancy (because Darlkom is my internet handle and is pretty google-able although I have had to spell it each time I say it to anyone, I guess I would also have to spell KoDee)

SMC (Social Media Consultancy, again with the initials but not very creative either)

And that’s all I got. You gotta help me! Thanks 🙂


Why I think Rom-Coms are responsible for my dismal dating experiences

I have grown up on a steady diet of romantic comedies that have definitely given me an unrealistic expectation of love.

My very first memory of watching a romantic comedy was in 1994. We had just gotten M-net (yes, we got it early on)  and I got to see ‘Only You’ with Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. There is a scene of her by a fountain that has stayed with me since I saw it when I was 10. Now at 27, I realize that, without meaning to, Hollywood misled me and I am clearly confused for it. This unattainable notion of love has haunted all my relationships and I have subconsciously sabotaged most of them because of it. (Some of them ending were really not my fault) and this same notion constantly occupies my thoughts and keeps me awake nights. See my problem is that I realize that the type of love I see in rom-coms is not real, I realize that and logically I know I shouldn’t believe it but deep down, my core does not agree with me because it has seen otherwise in movies. I am surrounded by examples of real world love happening and I wish that’ the kind I believed in but it isn’t. So what I basically want to know is how?

How do I unlearn my obviously flawed perspective? How do I convince myself, at my core that fairytales are just that and that there’s nothing wrong with real world love. Because I really need to know the answer otherwise I’m going to end up an old maid with only her rom-coms and cats to keep her company.

And also, I’m tired. I’m exhausted at the soul-level of all the thinking, the feeling, the thinking about feeling, that goes on all day and I just want some still, just some calm quiet content. Is that too much to ask?


Africa United

The Ugandan Insomniac recently posted a preview to a barftastic movie here.

Thankfully, I found a redeeming movie about Africa. It is being touted as Africa’s ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and follows 5 children on their way to watch the World Cup in South Africa.

I really want to see this movie if only because 2 of the actors are Ugandan and one other actor is Rwandan, going to school in Uganda.


Maisha African Film Festival (Aug 13th – 15th) Programme

So if you’ve been hearing about the Inaugural Maisha African Film Festival but have failed to find any detailed information on it, I passed by the festival and picked up a programme.

Friday August 13th

19.30 – 20.50    iMANi (Uganda, 2009)

Saturday August 14th

12.00 – 13.40   My Secret Sky (South Africa 2009)

13.50 – 15.30   Max and Mona (South Africa 2004)

15.40 – 16.00   Blind Date (Uganda 2009)

16.00 – 17.40   White Wedding (South Africa 2009)

17.50 – 18.15   Pumzi (Kenya 2009)

18.15 – 19.20   Speak Out (Uganda 2009)

19.25 – 21.25   Yogera (Uganda 2010)

Sunday August 15th

12.00 – 13.05   Crafting the Bamasaba (Uganda 2009)

13.10 – 14.10   Awaiting for Men (Senegal 2007)

14.15 – 14.25   Short Films: Bureaucracy & Kaveera (Uganda 2009)

14.30 – 16.10   Mukajanga (Uganda 2008)

16.15 – 17.00   Saint Louis Blues (Senegal 2009)

17.05 – 18.30   Origin of Sin (Uganda 2010)

18.35 – 19.00   A Good Catholic Girl (Uganda 2010)

19.00 – 20.00   2010 Maisha Short Films (Uganda 2010)

20.00 – 21.20   Sex, Okra and Salted Butter (Chad 2008)

Enjoy your viewing and see you there.