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Bhh was the bomb. (Do people still say that?) There were so many people, a couple or two of new faces and some old faces which hadn’t been in a while.

I wasn’t the first one there this time but I was the first one to sit down. I was quickly joined by Kissyfur (so sorry about not carrying your book, btw) and then Princess and Jazz figured we were there for BHH and joined us. Kissyfur asked the waiter if he was there for BHH too, probably because she was expecting more new people to turn up. Phantom was there for a hot minute (one must live up to his name) and had to leave early because he lives very far away…in Entebbe! Rev walked in looking a little out of it, what with his hair heading every which way. B2B walked in and then everyone kind of flooded in.


So much was talked about, where to begin (that isn’t a question.) We did briefly discuss the issue of moving the venue and the only suggestion was Steak Out. What do y’all who weren’t there think? Thursday at Steak Out? Also there was talk of a Beach Bash. Do comment and let’s decide.

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Billy Blues

I had been to Billy Blues before it was cool and the only cool thing about it then was the pictures they had up of Blues legends like Elvis (does he count?) and other greats whose names I can’t remember right now. Other than that, it (excuse the terrible pun) gave me the blues so I decided not to go back until recently it was all I could hear about from my more outgoing family and friends (read my younger sisters, all my friends these days are old.)

Eventually, on Friday, I ended up there after a fun filled night. (I only got two pics so deal with it.) First I went to Carlo’s and then we went to Arirang (where the pictures were taken) with Brenda (Chan, jealous much?) and Bren’s family and friends.

We then went to the Pyramids casino and I am now seriously berating myself for not taking any pictures because y’all need to see this casino. It is tiny and the minute you walk in, you feel like you have entered one of those Mob-movies and you start looking for the Italians. You know those basement-shit-load-of-money-buy-in for only certain people, that’s what it feels like except it’s well lit.

We then headed to Mayfair Casino which looks nice (again, what was I thinking and where was my camera except for on my phone?) It looks and feels like a train terminal complete with ticket booths and the announcer on the speaker thingies (in this case announcing Bingo numbers.) What I didn’t like was that on the slot machines, there was no noise from the coins clanging onto the tray because you don’t get coins. You sit on the machine and the man with the key comes and puts for you the amount of money you want to spend and when you’re done he comes back and pays you in cash, no clanky coins in this train terminal.

We decide to leave and go to Billy Blues after I was up 10,000 and Carlo was up 20,000. We walk down to get a cab and I see this (I remembered I had a camera for this.) I was so amused but it makes sense, no? I guess this guy doesn’t want to have to carry this stool home everyday but would also not like to see it stolen. It’s things like these that make me love walking around at night. So, we get to Billy Blues and its like I am seeing my long lost relatives. You know those friends you make at the bar and you only ever see at the bar? I had so many of those friends, let’s face it, I used to go out quite a bit. Anyway, Friday was a chance to catch up. I saw so many people I hadn’t seen in forever and we talked about everything from the race for the US Democrat candidate to the credit crash in the UK to what all this has to do with China. It was a really fun night but I am not planning to do it agan anytime soon. I was tired, the music was loud, along with the people I was glad to see, there were like 3 fold those I didn’t and I can’t think of the other thing but it was there.

All in all, fun night, not doing it again soon.


Of really cool hotels and the pirates who wish they lived in them.

My blog post title has very little to do with this post actually, just thought I should warn you.
I had a very exciting weekend and I will begin to fill you in on it, forthwith. On Thursday (because for those of us who have no jobs, that is when our weekends start), I went bowling and totally SUCKED!!! at it. Like there is no excuse for how bad I was. I must say though, I wasn’t as bad as some people. I then went for rock night and remembered how much I had abandoned my Rock Night Chronicles. Went home early and on Friday went and had pork and then went to Fat Boys (I know, you can always find me there) and I had the time of my life. I drunk so much and somehow survived getting drunk till Saturday morning. I woke up Saturday morning, totally sozzled. How the hell does that happen? Anyway, I fall asleep in the afternoon and wake up at 6 with a massive hangover yet I had to go out again. So I shower and get dressed. I had been looking forward to debuting this pair of awesome boots I just got and how better to do this than to wear them with the shortes skirt imaginable. I don’t usually wear short skirts and I felt this skirt was really short but the guys I ran into did not agree with this. Anyway, I went to Efendy’s, the Turkish restaurant, then to Bubbles then to Fat Boys again. I went to bed at 6 knowing full well I had to be up by 9 on Sunday morning. I didn’t drink though, the massive hangover wouldn’t let me. Anyway, I set my alarm but before that I set my clock. So on sunday, my alarm goes off and I turn it off and I wake up a 9.30. This is bad, because I was supposed to meet someone at the Cinema at 9.30 so we could catch an early showing of Pirates 3, which I had been dying to watch and had to watch this early show because this someone was going out of town at 3pm. So I give the situation the adequate amount of panic and do everything double time. Good thing I had had the forethought to oick out my outfit before I slept (sobriety rocks). After getting into a panic, I pass by the kitchen for a glass of water and when I look at the clock in the kitchen, the time is 8.30. Turn out I had set my clock wrong. Anyway, we then had time to have breakfast, watch the movie and have lunch before he had to go back. I get home, thinking I am going to get some sleep, and I find we have to go see my sister, it’s her V.D (visitation day not venereal disease).
Pirates 3 was awesome, don’t let my love of Spiderman 3 lead you to believe I have clouded judgement. Pirates was a really good movie, highly recommended. WATCH IT!!!
Now I am at the Serena Hotel doing a kyeyo and having awesome lunch. I just had wonderful soup, salad, a main course consisting of lasagna (who serves lasagna?) and some really awesome desert, all of which I managed to wolf down in about 2 minutes because I had to be back at my post.
I also had 2 job interviews yesterday that I think went pretty well, so keep your fingers crossed.
… and I’m out.