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So there I was, minding my own business yesterday walking around Kampala town running errands and I stop to grab a boda when this Traffic Police Woman stops me and below is our conversation

TPW: That gentleman over there wants to speak to you. He says he knows you.

(I look over and there is a Traffic Police Man standing under a shade)

Me: Ok. (I walk over to say hi, just in case I know him)

TPM: Do you know me?

Me: No

TPM: How are you? (and other niceties)

TPW: (walks up behind me and says in Luganda) What happens when the wind blows your dress up? What shall we see?

(I was wearing a free, just above the knees dress. It really wasn’t short at all. I didn’t even get heckled by bodas)

Me: The lining of the dress?

TPW: (shows me an article in the paper about a special hire driver infected with HIV who has been raping his fares) You bring these things on yourselves by wearing such short dresses.

(At this point, I just turned and walked away.)


I want to know when I became responsible for what goes in a man’s pants. When was it decided that I should not be comfortable because some asshole can not keep his fucking dick in his fucking pants? AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


10 thoughts on “WTF?!?!?!?!?

  1. I don’t get the logic there either..It’s there problem if they can’t control it so they shouldn’t dictate what we wear, then again…It’s Africa, they will give the same ol’ stupid excuses.’ she made me do it’

  2. Its amazing you managed to walk away. I’m pretty sure I’d have given TPW a piece of my mind and it wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.

  3. Interesting that the TPW thought as such…wonder what she’ll say if it was her daughter/sister/mother that got raped…

  4. in other words, if u reported a rape , the police would assume it was your fault?
    shame on them.
    no wonder those assholes get away with it

  5. The police were concerned. Prevention is better than cure. You’re blogging again. Yay!

  6. First of all, policemen who use false pretexts to talk to pretty women in short dresses are pervs. Secondly, that other thing they were trying to talk to you about is not worth even a mention. So I will just say Hai Dee. Bye Dee.

  7. Aggravating! From a traffic policeman? A human robot? He doesn’t even qualify to speak to you on this matter.

    Listen, you should have told him to focus his energies on the real crimes here: the systematic rape and deliberate infection with HIV of innocent women.

    Furthermore, just to ensure there are no double standards here, he should also stop all the men who leer at women on the streets, show them the newspaper story and advise them not to rape women.

    Because if all women who wear short skirts are asking for it, then all men who so much as look at these women are HIV-carrying potential rapists!!!

  8. You kept a cool head…I can already see how that scene would have played out, had she stepped up to me!@
    Biach….paying attention to other women, she must be gay and was just hating

  9. This is how am lookin at it
    TPW hollas at you becouse TPM in the shade over there has just told her that he’s about to rape u becouse that dress just gave him ideas.

    Hi Dee

  10. There should always be a (worthy) answer to (& in all) situations. None, could have been worthier than “…I just turned and walked away.”

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