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Sad, sad me.


Below is how I spend my Sundays at work. Bored with no one on chat to so I chat to myself.

How sad

Click on the image to see the text.


13 thoughts on “Sad, sad me.

  1. dee[4] Chick… You still use hotmail?

    oh, hang on… SOCKS!

    And yes, this is sad, a new double-all-time low…

  2. that’s serious sad. you should chat with me…i am on the brink of such sadness at times. am still using hotmail too. marianada14.

  3. I know! Finding anyone online on Sunday is like impossible! unless they are from bungeleza…and it is like night time those ends..

  4. haha… interesting….
    What a sad sunday…..
    I used to play cards alone. If you know that card
    game, then you will know what am talking about

  5. you poor thing…next time, google surf the channel and watch series, movies or documentaries. U need fast internet for this though.

  6. Man! Some boredom! take up knitting….

  7. Now that the bloggers know, I suspect you won’t be sad any more 🙂

  8. really, with the internet at your fingertips? Next time holla at me and I’ll point u in the right direction. That said, I remember the days when my routine was visiting like 5 websites and then I was done, now, there’s like a gazillion things out there. Look up the festival of dangerous ideas next time or even better, or some Indian stand up comedy. BTW are u working this wknd?

  9. @Rhino I have read practically every article on

  10. That is sad indeed….
    I advice sitcoms, standup comedy….etc…

  11. Kika….i know what you mean…i have ever typed “i am bored”, “how to deal with boredom at work” in my googlechrome browser cache….! thats how bad..actually, i do it all the time.

  12. Oh ma dayz – you’ve given me the best laugh of my day. I was having one boring one till i landed here. Funniest thing in my day today without a doubt. PS: I’d not take Petemama’s advice with the knitting though.

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