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Back in Kampala


So I’m back home. I got in on Friday although I left Delhi on Thursday night. For my last day in Delhi, all I did was buy some kohl for my eyes and watch The Final Destination. As with their roads, their cinemas are also a sight better than ours.

I will post the few pictures I used my phone to take as soon as I get back to work and to seacom-speed internet.



8 thoughts on “Back in Kampala

  1. how was india, i just found out today you were there…from your blog….

  2. welcome back.
    But i saw yu friday night, didnt i?

  3. Was good to see you but I want more kb and those snaps! Enjoy the week!

  4. Looking forward to the pix!!!

  5. so nnyabo,
    about the pix … warrup?

  6. Delhi, a city i would hurt a finger to visit.Why? All i think is photography and if what i see on my screens are anything to go by, you will be my guide as i get em’ shots.

    Welcome back and thanks for passing by my photoblog.Yes, i try as much to document Uganda in all possible ways.

  7. Its a month now..our pix!!

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