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Incredible India – Still in Delhi



It started raining pretty much all day so I didn’t get out of the house at all. I did get my first taste of night life in Delhi though. We went to a mall in an area called Saket where there’s a bar that has an all you can drink bar for only 800 rupees, that is like 16 dollars. Sadly we found it had a private party so we couldn’t have the practically all  you can drink bar. Instead, we went upstairs to The Love Hotel where there was a reaggae night. You guys have no idea how shocked I was to find reaggae night in India but it was so much fun. I danced the whole night, I could not sit down. The music was just off the hook.

Nothing much happened on Friday.


We woke up at 5.00am because the pick up to go to the Taj Mahal is at 6.00am. The tour company sends you a bus and a tour guide. We must have drawn the short straw because the van we got was just a piece of junk. I think I have said enough how nice the roads are but the van managed to shake and bounce the whole way to Agra which is where the Taj is. I swear, my breasts sagged by about 2 inches from all the bouncing, I was actually in pain. The ride which should take about 3 hours took 6 hours.

We go to Agra at midday and the first thing we saw was the Agra Fort. Built much like the Red Fort in Delhi, I already talked about, the main difference is there is alot of marble incorporated into the build of this one. The Agra Fort looks out onto the Taj and it is here that the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan was put under house arrest after its completion. The west wing of the fort is used by the military and is therefore off limits to the public. I took pictures on my phone but since I have no way of getting them from there to this laptop, I will post them when I get back to Kampala.

By the time we were done seeing the Fort it was lunch time. We had lunch at a place called Gaylord’s restaurant. The name cracked me up no end through out the day. Seriously, Gaylord?

After lunch, we went to see the Taj Mahal. The area around the Taj is pollution free so all the cars have to stop a half kilometre from the gate and then either a camel taxi, a bicycle taxi or a battery operated bus gets you to the gate. I honestly do not have the words to describe the sheer magnificence, the utter awesomeness of this place. Pictures don’t even do it justice. This is a place you have to see yourself to believe that it even exists. It is so opulent and indulgent, the whole dome is covered in marble. The detail is so striking. If you do anything before you die, see this place.

After seeing the Taj, there wasn’t really anything else they could show me that could awe me but they tried. We went to see the birth place of Krishna. Nothing much to report really.


We went to church in an area called Green Park and I realised how much I missed it, the praise and worship especially. After church we went to a shopping mall I hadn’t been to yet called Priya in an close to where we live called Vasant Vihar and I had amazing waffles at this cafe called Chocolat.


All I did today was visit this mall next to where we live that is actually two malls. One is called DLF Promenade with ordinary stores with ordinary stuff on 3 floors. It also has a food court and cinemas. The second mall is called DLF Emporio and it is dedicated to designer stores. Any famous expensive designer brand you can think of has a store in this mall. I’m talking Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, DKNY, Jimmy Choo, Feragammo, Marc Jacobs, I could go on but I don’t remember them all.

Tomorrow, I plan to get a pedi-mani and a massage. I’ll blog more when something interesting happens to me.


3 thoughts on “Incredible India – Still in Delhi

  1. am patiently awaiting my goody from the orient!lol

  2. this narrative is pretty interesting…”sagged two inches”…naughty naughty….i now want to visit the taj mahal, definitely going to start planning my india holiday

  3. oh did they say about the hole in the Taj Mahal…they say that Shahjahan the Ruler who made the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz..wanted the Taj to be one of the only structure of its kind on Earth….so on the nite of finishing the work, he cut off the Hands of the workers and killed the head engineer or architect who was incharge of the work going on…to cut the story short, this architect became aware of the killing episode in at nite, he went to the Makbara or the tomb of Mumtaz and made a hole on the top of the ceiling, so whenever it rains it used to drip from there..and with the Architect dead the next day, there was no one to repair the structure back!!..I actually havnt seen Taj, but heard tat this is a true story!!…
    hey sorry for bombarding u wid my comments, I was jst cheking ur blog!!…hope u dont mind!!

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