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Incredible India – Delhi



So today I ventured out into Delhi for the first time and it was quite the experience. We went to a market called Saranjin Naga that is about 40 minutes away from where we live and we took a cab. Now because Delhi is so hot, one has to be careful to get a taxi with AC and we got one. On the way to the market, I noticed this place has really nice roads and they look like they were made by laying down strips of tarmac carpet and they are much larger than the ones in Uganda as well.

The market was so full of different smells which aren’t necessarily bad but your nose gets confused. It is also very colourful, the fabrics, the clothes, the shopfronts, everything is so colourful. I only got 3 dresses and one of those handbags you sling over your shoulders (I’ve always wanted to get one of those) but the people I was with got a bunch of stuff.

On the way back from the market we passed through what I guess is the administrative district of Delhi. We saw the parliament, the State House, the Department of Defense offices and a bunch of really swanky hotels. We also saw the India Gate. I am going on a tour of Delhi tomorrow so I’ll have more to say about the different places in Delhi. I have noticed though that right next to these really posh looking places are ramshackled shacks of shops that look like they have just been randomly thrown together with no sense of symmetry whatsoever, it is really disconcerting for someone like me with slight OCD for straightening things.

We got back home eventually and prepared for the next day.


Today we got up early and went to a place called Ramesh Park: Export Market. This market is more organised than the one we went to yesterday and it is more of wholesale market. The pieces are in many different colours and sizes and many people who go there buy in bulk. I got so many clothes that I’m practically broke 3 days into my trip.

Today I also travelled in an auto rickshaw for the first time for about 40km. Rickshaws are nothing like bodas. For one thing they use gas cylinders not fuel. Can you believe that? The gas you use to cook is what they use to run on. They are really very slow, so if you’re in a hurry, you’d rather take a cab or even the bus. Another thing, is in the rickshaw is where the smells of India really hit you. Unlike previously when I’ve been in ACed cars and homes, the rickshaw shows you true Delhi. I don’t know if black people are rare these ways but we got alot of stares.

Tomorrow I go on the tour of Delhi and on Thursday, I go to Agra which is about 3 hours away, to visit the Taj Mahal.


9 thoughts on “Incredible India – Delhi

  1. Take pictures kko. Use your phone at least.

  2. bambi for the Taj Mahal i implore you. do take pics please!…(so jealous right now!)

  3. bambi me I want in on the clothes. Just bill me

  4. they stared at you? You know like here people will say “Mzungu” if they see a person from the westen world. So I wonder what they called you people.

    Taj-Mahal……. oh pliz take pics….. all the corners.

    • yeah they do have a name to call every one from Mzungus to fellow the Indians who come from South, to Indians who come from North to the Westeners…and even dark skinned ppl!!

  5. Enjoy,but like everyone else-we need some pics…

    dont you have a phone-haa..

  6. patiently awaiting the 10 things u will do in the rickshaw!!lol

  7. You must be having a great time..

  8. hey darylene…the ricks r not slow, they r the best way to travel in tat city…or newhere…they r fast and dont get much stuck in the dirty delhi traffics..and more importantly u dont have to wait for the buses!!…..and for running on gas, it doesnt run on LPG or cooking gas… runs on a gas called CNG, compressed natural gas….and its illegal to run ricks or ne vehicle on LPG…neways..u enjoyed Delhi good…u wont believe I have never been to Delhi in my 24 yrs there in India!!..amazing!!

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