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Incredible India


It is 10.19am and I have been in India for about 2 hours and in this time all I have seen of India is the road from the airport to where I am staying.



  • On the descent to the airport, the parts of India I could see looked like they had been built out of legos. There was not a curved edge to be seen on the horizon.
  • This place is very humid (I’m in Delhi). As soon as I walked out of the airport, my hands got clammy and I generally don’t get clammy hands, ever!
  • I love the look of rickshaws, can’t wait to ride on one.


I really wish that I was here with Carlo though. I miss you dear friend.




15 thoughts on “Incredible India

  1. Spent my entire childhood in that lovely city, aside from the beggars its a beautiful place with lovely people and the food is to die for.

    • damn man!!..u dint tell me u were brought up in India!!… amazing to knw that…..its like 10 yrs from now I will be saying I used to be in Kampala, wat a beautiful city!!….i say 10 yrs coz..i knw tat wud be my limit!!

  2. indeed have good time D

  3. When will I get back on the plane I am jealous. Cant wait

  4. You have fun**- but i saw you on thursday nga, you did not say anything- you should have whisperd to me how your going to buyindi.


  5. enjoy! do tell us how the rikshaw rides go. my guess is well…anyone’s guess.

  6. enjoy. If you happen to meet freida pinto just send my greetings….

  7. Beautiful country. I’m not jealous. Was there for four years! Bring me a cricket ball..

  8. May your time there be fun.

  9. Have a lovely holiday and bring me back some Diwali 🙂

  10. India! Take some snaps. Are you going to visit the Taj Mahal? Enjoy yourself, I’m insanely jealous!

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