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In Transit


I am writing this sitting in the airport transit area of Addis Ababa airport in Ethiopia (just in case your world geography sucks). I am en route to India when I plan to spend a very fulfilling two weeks of holiday.


See, I’m on leave and I decided to treat myself this time round. I have always wanted to visit India and now that my best friends’ mother lives there, I can tie on her for a place to live for free while I tour to my heart’s delight.


It might shock you to learn that today was the first time I have ever been on a plane. Ever! I felt it was very much like a bus down to the bumps in the road. I keep thinking I should have been more frightened than I was but I wasn’t.


The thing I am already beginning to regret the most is forgetting my camera. First of all, my camera died. Yeah, I killed my precious camera and I was planning to get it fixed in India but I forgot to carry. Unfortunately, even though I had carried it, I would not have been able to photograph possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. The sun set while we were in the air and a sun set above the clouds looks nothing like the one seen from the ground. I felt like I was in a painting. It was so beautiful.


I’m in an internet café and so my time is running out. I will blog more when I get where I’m going.




3 thoughts on “In Transit

  1. stokisi….
    Shoot! i 4got all about it, really wanted smthing, oh well……enjoy urself

  2. My mother does not live in India…point of correction. Kyoka you, no camera, should have taken mine which is not quite mine. Borrow…take pics…write more, kiss an Indian!

  3. lol….u had so much belief in India tat u thought u can repair ur dead camera there!!..haha haha…but yeah u cud had repaired it…esp. if u were in tat big cities of delhi or agra or likewise!!.
    @ kaza KISS AN INDIAN!!…..watz the fun in tat..Indians r not really gr8 kissers!!!

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