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Things I have done on the back of a boda boda


Boda bodas and I are insperable. Honestly the day I dall off one of those things will the day I stop riding them. They get me everywhere and I mean everywhere, be it 10m or 10km or 10 miles (which one is longer?) Anyway, I have become so comfortable on those things that I can afford to do some things that people would find absurd. Below is my list of things I’ve done on the back of a boda boda.

  • Read a book
  • Attempted to write in my diary
  • Played air guitar
  • Played air drums
  • Changed simcards between phones
  • Talked to someone on the road
  • Talked to someone in a car
  • Tried to talk on the phone
  • Had a conversation with the boda rider
  • Asked for a lesson from the boda rider
  • Shared it with one other person apart from the rider
  • Shared it with two other people apart from the rider
  • Flipped off some moron who cut us off
  • Taken off my sweater and put it in my bag
  • Taken my sweater out of my bag and put it on
  • Gotten rained on
  • Worn lipstick/lipgloss
  • Attempted to comb my hair
  • Attempted to apply eye shadow
  • Fallen asleep/dozed (in my defense, I was really tired)

What have you done on the back of a boda?


24 thoughts on “Things I have done on the back of a boda boda

  1. help, dar has done gone bananas!!

  2. oh second socks!! late…..good things to do on the back of the boda…neways good use of time mate..

  3. i have had a conversation with anoher person on another boda….fun stuff
    yeah i have tried the talking on the phone one…hmm but the wind makes you feel like you wasting your airtime and the angles you have to pull so that you can hear….hehe

  4. played air guitar and air drums as well. everytime i’m on one of them I feel like pulling off an xgames stunt.

  5. i got my shoe sole to melt while pressed against the bloody exhaust pipe.

  6. lol@ Carsozy. happened to me as well.

    Raced with my friends on different bodabodas.

    Have eaten my rolex while riding on a boda-b.

    Also pull imaginery reins(like for a race-horse) while cruising on a boda boda.

  7. Have eaten, have texted, have closed my eyes and pretended to be flying, have almost died, have pretended not to see some annoying person by the roadside…

  8. Hmm-gwe nga u have done stuff on boda’s…

    I have gotten wet/rained on – from town to bunga. i have eaten, smoked and its a good feeling riding with a girl all squeezed between me and the rider-Hmmm

  9. there are a number of things i would like to try on a motorcycle that i cannot mention here.

    that is just me, right?

  10. Eeeeeeeee naye you. Put on lipstick? Played air drums and air guitar?!!!

    Kale I don’t know you.

  11. ever to text and put lip gloss while on a boda boda…and waving at my friends on the roadside, saying wasap and things like, “I have plot. Call me.’
    i’ve even gotten off to go say wasap to a friend then jumped back on!

    naye Normzo, how could you allow to be rained on from town to Bunga?couldn’t you park and wait?

    now Dee, have you been on a boda and the rider gets a phone call and he stops to receive it. Meanwhile, you are on a busy road!!it kills me all the time!!!

  12. And I thought I was the only one! Long distance boda boda rides are the best! Especially if you have one of those swanky new ones that do not cough and sputter and stop all the time!

    And who has not had a Reno Reines fantasy on a boda?

  13. lol i have done almost everything you huv done the latest got me being vibed by a boda guy!

  14. Instant classic. I’ve lined up on a boda boda before as a driver. For someone no one wanted to give me any business. I was even low-balling the others… 🙂

  15. Broke my leg. Awesome. Don’t recommend anybody else trying it, mind

  16. Such a long list!!!
    Think i’m with Carsozy…The heel of one of my fav shoes melted!!

  17. try taking photos =)

  18. I once (barely) managed to load airtime on a boda, but attempting to comb your hair is not only crazy, but hillarious!
    Try doing a handstand, I dare you..

  19. I have combed my hair, worn lip gloss, sent texts, dozed coz long journeys tend to do that to me, hit the boda boda man’s head for driving crazy, taken a boda boda at like 3 am alone, i was sure that was the day i would get raped and killed but i was totally broke, taken a terribly bumpy ride on a small bike for like 18km, i had to keep getting off to rest and massage my butt and thighs,and to clear my eyes of dust, flirted with a boda boda man, etc. I love boda boda’s! I wish they weren’t as dangerous as the stats in Mulago suggest.

  20. I actually made out on the back of a boda boda once. Beat that

  21. Almost gotten killed b’se of one.This guy was trying to dodge the ever so congested area infront of Cham towers,at abt 4.00pm.I get thrown off,almost ran over by a taxi,and he left me lying there.And they say chivalry is dead..

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