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Just one of those days…


Today has just been one of those days.

It started when I woke up in the morning and couldn’t find what to wear to work. Every shirt I tried on could not button up when it got to my bust. I am not very big busted, mind you, but my arms have put on quite a bit of weight since I bought these shirts. Eventually I found one that still fit.

I got to work and found I had been assigned all the day’s tasks as well as the weekly report I have to run manually that takes me about 8 hours to do and I had no seat because my shift starts when everyone from the morning is still around.

I put down my bag and as I bent to get my phone, I heard a rip. My shirt had ripped just a little bit on the seam under my armpit and a bit towards my back. Remember I have to type all day long so the tear is very visible. I laugh it off and continue working.

6 hours into my shift, I send someone to get me water in my water bottle. The kind sir fills my bottle and gives it to me. As I tip it back to drink from it, water gushes out from it down the front of my shirt and my skirt because the lid wasn’t on tightly enough. I wipe it off because there isn’t really much I can do.

As I go to throw the tissue in the bin, I bend to wipe my feet which had also gotten wet and the tear in my shirt expands. It now looks like this.


Honestly, I haven’t laughed this much in ages. It felt like I was starring on one of those silent movies where the main character keeps getting into trouble.


17 thoughts on “Just one of those days…

  1. LOL. LOL… uuuummm…. company polo shirt?

  2. Ha!!!!!

    What a day. I’m glad you found the sanity to laugh.

    Here’s a ‘good luck’ hug for a better day today ((()))

  3. i feel your pain Dee. But me for me i refuse to let these shirts NOT button up! i mean i am the human here, and they are the buttons. so wat i do is that i force them to button up and then through the day i am consious of my boobs showing!

  4. LOL! Sowry!

  5. Eh, I would have burst into tears I tell you.

  6. hahahaaa, now thats kind of funny, good u laughed it off..

  7. this is funny…seems so surreal!!glad u cd still laugh…

  8. And the day was still just beginning, imagine!

  9. Hulk ha ha ha! We’re laughing with you!

  10. can’t believe you laughed banange…but then again what would you have done?hope today was better.

  11. girl i hope your days get better. (((((H)))))

  12. awww.

    i hope today was better.

    if this is what happened yesterday that is.

    otherwise it would just be weird.

    time travel is confusing like that.

  13. How you can laugh through that, hats off…from that snap, one’d think you were in a cat-fight and you got goofed

  14. WoWaWiWa!!!
    LoL…i think someone needs 2 go buy new work shirts!

  15. Call me about your ticket to attend Tusker Project Fame 3 House opening at Effendy’s on Sunday.

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