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I am listening to ‘Relapse’ Eminem’s new album. I realise I am a bit late to the party but here are my two cents anyway. (Where did the expression two cents come from anyway, why two and not three?) I like it, the album I mean. The songs about his rehab and about his mother putting valium in his food when he was a kid have haunting lyrics but such light, bop-your-head-to-beats it is so weird. If you haven’t heard it and are an Em fan, get it.

I am reading ‘Half of a Yellow Sun’ by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and I am enjoying it so much I haven’t been able to put it down since I started. I started it at about 10.30pm last night and now at 1.30pm I have read 223 pages of the 433 pages. I am already halfway through and sad about almost finishing it. Chimamanda has a way with words and as you read this book you are immersed in the stories and the lives that are weaved. The thing I like best about books except for the obvious enjoyment of good writing is that they inspire me to learn more about the time in which they are set. This book is set in time of Nigeria’s civil war when the East secceded and Biafra was created. This was a time I knew nothing about and now I am googling and wikiing everything about this time. Something else about this time is the indiscriminate killings that were taking place based on tribe. This is something that I find very hard to understand. What can lead man to slaughter fellow man based on what tribe he happened to be born to? I just don’t understand any kind of bigotry.

I am watching ‘Weeds’. I can’t believe it took me so long to finally watch this show. I love it. It is just so unbelievably believable and that Conrad is so cute banange. I need Seasons 3 – 5 does anyone have them?

I am wondering why people go to work? Why do I wake up, get dressed and go to my job? I guess it’s because I just need something to feel my days in between seeing my friends and family and hanging out with my lover. I have been wondering more and more about this recently as I have lost all motivation to continue going to work. At the beginning my work was challenging and I loved figuring all these things other people couldn’t quite grasp. Then I got a promotion and it was even more fun. Then I was given supervisory duties and that shit is just plain boring. I was not cut out to sit on some raised platform and watch everyone else do their jobs and be responsible for a bunch of other people who don’t really want to be there. I need something challenging to do. Any ideas?


11 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. I go to work so I can put something in my AC at week’s close.

    Oba you start a newspaper?

  2. As I read your post I realised it’s shocking the staggering amount of money and revenues that hollywood and book publishers have spun from tragedies and atrocities such as the jewish holocaust, the Rwandan bloodbath, the Afghan hellhole……………….

    you could teach kindergarten.

  3. Weeds rocks! Season 3 is with our friends in Kisementi.

    Meanwhile, once your are done with Half …, go download the podcast with her at the BBC World Book Club. I have a massive girl crush on Chimamanda.

  4. write abook.

  5. Make a baby!

    Big challenge.

  6. I loved Half of a Yellow Sun too.

  7. Here’s an idea for something to do:

    Start selling pot.

    We’re a genius!

  8. you’ll die of hunger trying to be a weed saleswoman, its not as easy as it looks, i would know.

    can you imagine i havent watched weeds?

    on second thought, go ahead and be what you need to be, you may have skills i do not know about. i was going to suggest selling bras to people with elephantiasis of the scrotum but baz’s way could do just as well.

  9. 1.Weeds rocks banange eh!
    2.been dying to read “Half…”. let me make it my book buy for this month.
    3. Open a bookshop and sell us all your amazing books(and all the books you think are amazing) at friendly prices…

  10. My Eminem song on that album is My Darling. I tried to call you so I could be spared the embarrassment of leaving that confession on your blog for all and sundry to see, but you failed me

  11. I go to work so i have money to live on. Are we supposed to like our jobs? All i think about lately is month’s end. It is making me into some kind of robot worker. It would be nice if i woke up happy to work. Mostly i wake up because the dreams about all the work i must get done won’t let me sleep! Sorry about the rant.
    But yes, you in particular could do alot more. You do sell yourself short by settling there. However, no ideas except find ways to make the things that you love to do earn you money.
    May I borrow the book after you are done?

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