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Forgive Me


I usually can’t stand forwards and I don’t even know if this is one but it was so funny I just had to share it.


Bill Gates organized an enormous session to recruit a new Chairman for Microsoft Europe. 5000 candidates assembled in a large room. One candidate was Mayombwe a Ugandan living in USA. Bill Gates thanked all the candidates for coming and asked those who do not know JAVA programming to leave, 2000 people left.

Mayombwe said to himself, “I do not know JAVA but I have nothing to lose if I stay. I’ll give it a try.”

Bill Gates asked the candidates who didn’t have experience managing more than 100 people to leave. 2000 people left.

Mayombwe said to himself, “I never managed anybody by myself but I have nothing to lose if I stay. What can happen to me?”

Then Bill Gates asked candidates who didn’t have a minimum Diploma in Business Management to leave. 500 people left the room.

Mayombwe said to himself, “I left school at 15 after Grade 7 but what have I got to lose?” and stayed the room.

Lastly, Bill Gates asked the candidates who do not speak Serb-Croat to leave. 498 people left the room.

Mayombwe said to himself, “I do not speak one word of Serb-Croat but what do I have to lose?” and found he and one other candidate were left in the room.

Bill Gates joined them and said, “Apparently you are the only two candidates who have all the required qualifications and experience I am looking for and speak Serb-Croat, so I’d now like to hear you have a conversation in that language.

Calmly, Mayombwe turned to the other candidate and in a hoarse voice said, “Ogamba ki musajja?”

The other candidate answered softly but clearly, “Mwana, tuli wano tuyiiya. Ensi nzibu, abaana balina okusoma…”



23 thoughts on “Forgive Me

  1. hahahhahahaa wabula great minds think alike. meanwhile oba socks…i dont even know what that means but ya SOCKS!

  2. ha ha…this is a classic…excellent! am laughin my head off at this one.

  3. How come no one sends me these fwds?
    I seem to attract the crazy ones with an ultimatum at the end…something like “Jesus will be pissed if you don’t forward this”. utter bollocks. Yours is refreshingly funny though!!! Feel free to fwd to me:)

  4. lol!!!

  5. killer!!!! my email is somewhere in here, you know what to do!

  6. hahahaha This forward was original…It’s only Ugandan’s

  7. Lol! You are forgiven already!

  8. these things move fast- got it in a forward too…but UGANDANS!! AHA…WE TAKIN OVER MAN!

  9. Kyoka abanauganda! I wouldn’t be surprised if it is a true story. Ha ha ha.

  10. i hate forwards too naye this is classic…i’ve even forgiven you!

  11. i started this one thinking, shit i can’t believe i am stooping to the level of forwards. Now am thinking, shit, t his is funny!

  12. hhehehehehihihihiii! WIN!

  13. Abanayu bajja kuyiiya!

  14. i almost shat myself.

  15. i see we on the same mailing list

  16. I also hate forwards but I got this one and found it is classic. I actually sent an email to everyone in my inbox warning them not to send me rubbish forwards with threats at the end, I only want funny, witty ones. Cheers, Marsy

  17. Hmmmm… That forward should have TM sign on it… Proudly Ugandan

  18. lol,this mail killed me i tell u

  19. 🙂 I love this.

    What is the translation of the two sentences at the end?

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