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What is the education system going to hell in? A Hand basket


Sunday was my little sister’s visitation day and since our parents aren’t around, I went to see her. Now, my sister is a huge Miley Cyrus fan much to my concern but I don’t fault her this; she’s young. Being as big a fan as she is, it comes as no surprise that she decided to mark her school uniform using Miley Cyrus’ name. It turns out this is a big no-no in her school so the class teacher asked to speak to me when I got there. As a good guardian I go to see the teacher. The first thing he said to me was “Well Done.” First of all, what is the standard answer to that greeting? I just said hello back and waited to hear what he had to say. A flag had already been raised in my head but I decided to give him the benefit of the doubt. I was wrong, I want my benefit back. He carried the conversation on in both English and Luganda and kept asking me if “I got him right” I felt it was my duty to inform him that right is not exactly something I can get him but it would have been futile so I let him be and hoped to God that he didn’t teach my sister English or anything in fact. The clincher came when he said to me. “You know, my headmaster is trickery. He checks to see if you know your students.”

The only thing I am sure about is my sister can not stay in that school. Any ideas of good schools, anyone, with relatively cheap school fees?


11 thoughts on “What is the education system going to hell in? A Hand basket

  1. yey socks
    i cannot think of a cheap school but i recommend taibah college in my opinion they are good they are few in class and better still they know their students too well.

  2. “well done”…can someone please translate for me which language its directly translated in…no strike that..i dont care…its making me laugh and i hope this post is not a trickery! sorry no suggestions on school…

  3. I’m glad your parents were not there. They would have slapped the grammar into him.. Says a lot about the Headmaster, though, being trickery! LOL

  4. that well done thing always shocks me!i just can’t believe that people say it with a straight face!somehow, i’m always hoping they’ll say, “funny thing that expression, right?” and we laugh about but they never do!…

  5. Sweetie there are no cheap schools these days all of them are robbers holding a gun on our heads. Schools area fucking ripping us off. If you want a school were the teacher sounds intelligent try the international schools.

  6. Namagunga Primary Boarding School

  7. You, i hear mummy asked her why she sleeps in class, she said, “i don’t sleep everyday but when i do its because i eat alot of posho and beans” I DIED…..

  8. Oh dear.

    I had one of those moments when a relative I take care of told me the teacher dictates a bunch of notes in English and then they discuss them in Lusoga for the rest of the lesson. And this was in A-Level, in a supposedly good school. I sort of despaired.

    Good luck.

  9. no help here Child, i’m home schooling my kids!

  10. Primary schools? I wouldnt recommend Namagunga unless you want your sis beaten up till but anyway if she wants to go to the secondary, it is easier but these days I think the way to go is the international schools, our so called good schools are going to the dogs. Maybe Taibah but I doubt she will make it to MUK from there… anyway we have many universities these days. Cheers, Marsy

  11. Darlyne, someone said “well done” to me yesterday. I was caught off guard, didn’t know how to reply, i said…”kale” which was pointless since she didn’t seem to understand a word of luganda. That is luganda right?

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