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What five things would you want to tell your unborn children?


I was back on my recently favourite site, Soul Pancake and they had another interesting challenge. Below are my answers;

1. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. I’ll love you no matter what.
2. Your place in this world shall not be determined by your race, gender, religion or sexual preference. I won’t let it.
3. Judge everyone on their own merit.
4. I hope you love to read.
5. I love you.

What would you tell your unborn children? Sound off in the comments or visit Soul Pancake, become a member and do all the challenges.


10 thoughts on “What five things would you want to tell your unborn children?

  1. 1, I love you
    2, Daddy loves you
    3, I cant wait to see you
    4, I will not watch you go astray there is a cane behind the door waiting for you
    5, You better be beautiful otherwise people will dot on you they will lie that you are cute

  2. 1. I love you
    2. words are very powerful so i really hope you will love to read.
    3. you are going to change this world some day!
    4. i hope we will be the very best of friends, you and i.
    5. i hope you have your dad’s tiny nose so i can envy you!my dad does not have a small nose.

  3. Nothing. Kids never listen!

  4. Actually Petesmama kids listen thats why there are the happy ones like Pete who know mummy loves me no matter what and the sad ones wear a sad face every minutes of every second.

  5. 1. God loves you.
    2.I love you.
    3.Find your identity in God, no one else.
    4.Be adventurous
    5.Don’t read to pass your exams, read so you remain with valuable knowledge for all your life.

  6. 1. Please don’t take after my family. We’re mostly messed up.
    2. If there’s anything you should take it shouldn’t be your uncle’s laziness or your aunt’s inability to commit, let it be your grandmother’s spirit.
    3. Your dad should be your hero. I chose him so he could be. Watch him and someday you’ll be a great man.
    4. Out here is really scary, but you’ve got me to hold on to so don’t be scared. You’ll conquer it all.
    5. Above all, the love I have is not just cuz I made you, but because God loved me first. Love Him and honour Him in everything you do.

  7. 1. God created you, so He loves you.

    2. I’m your father, so I love you.

    3. If you have a dream, pursue it; a talent, use it with all your heart, IF it is noble.

    4. Always know that with God, all things are Possible.

    5. Laugh, it’s good medicine for the soul.

  8. 1. Life Sucks!
    2. Then it gets better
    3. Then it sucks again
    4. and it gets better again
    5. It’s all up to you really
    6. It goes on
    7. Till you croak!
    8. But it has loveliness to sell!

  9. 1. I love you and think you are awesome
    2. Say “thank you and I am sorry:
    3. pray to God, everyday
    4. Do not treat anyone less than you’d want to be treated
    5. Please read, please read a lot, please be smart

  10. i believe in you
    i will always love you
    do to others what you want to be done to you
    watch the secret when your old enough
    love with all your heart

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