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Last night I watched Nocturnal perform live and if I could write better I would describe to you just how awesome it is. If I had known that there was a band with the pedigree that Nocturnal displayed last night, my faith in the Ugandan music industry would have been restored ages ago. This is how it went down.

Last month at the Maurice Kirya Experience I saw Edmund Begumisa play for the first time and I fell in love. Edmund plays like he is making love to her woman, not just any woman but the woman he loves. I was so smitten I couldn’t wait to see him play again but I found out it wasn’t a regular deal. Anyway just when I had lost hope of ever hearing him play again, I got an SMS on Saturday “NOCTURNAL, the original Ugandan Blues-Rock band performing LIVE @ Iguana, Kisementi 9pm.” I read that message and just screamed I was so excited.

9pm found us at Iguana but UMEME had other ideas. The power was out and generator was not co-operating so we sat in the dark for almost 2 hours before it was up again. However, I can assure you that the band was worth the wait. Edmund was only the tip of the iceberg, James Onen was on base and vocals and I apologise for not remembering the drummer’s name. The band rocked!!!!!!! They played a Johnny Lang song, ‘Quitters never win’ and Ernest was losing it. We were all dancing and at one point Carlo and I were dancing on the chairs, it was that good. When it ended I didn’t want it to end.

This is a plea to Nocturnal. Play more, get regular gigs, record albums.


8 thoughts on “Nocturnal

  1. gee, those guys still play, i thought they had chal. but yep, they are good, especially fat boy on that guitar

  2. He the chubby dude that Edmund?

  3. Uganda is full of great musical surprises. Don’t let the PAM awards fool you. There is a lot of amazing stuff under the surface.

  4. we should kidnap them and have them play whenever we want…

  5. wow, i want ! let me know next time

  6. Hi there,

    Gee, I’m beyond flattered… we all are. Thanks very much for the compliments!

    Glad to see that there’re some blues fans out there. Apart from the more modern rock acts like Lenny, we usually don’t expect anybody to know the blues/blues-rock artists we cover (Jonny Lang, SRV, EC, Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, Robert Cray, Buddy Guy, Kenny Burrell, John Mayall…)
    We used to gig quite regularly ’till everybody got “real” jobs and our lead singer left Uganda. But I’m definitely going to use this post to arm-twist the rest of the band into doing more gigs (James – you readin’ this!)

    Thanks for your support.


    PS: Drummer’s name is Alex Guma (of ‘The Bloodbrothers’.) His elder brother Marshal Data (the other half of the bloods) played bass on a number of songs too. Two gifted instrumentalists.

    PPS: And yes, few people know it, but James Onen (AKA ‘Fatboy’) is a very experienced vocalist, not to mention a good bass player and rhythm guitarist.

    • The first time I saw Nocturnal play was a few years ago at Steakout, they really play well together…I also remember being suprised by Fatboy and also Edmond, coz a decade ago when we did some jobs together (Amber House, remember that adrift Uganda thingee, seems like a lifetime ago..??) suddenly he started walking around with a guitar strapped on his back and next thing i know, its dreadlocks and screaming females but the sound was/is gooood.. and like i said all those years ago, record something!

  7. please forward me that text the next time you get an update.i’d love to come!

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