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List five possible openings for your biography


That was one of the challenges or questions on my new favourite website Soul Pancake. Here are mine.

  1. When I was 7 I fell off a jungle gym right onto my back, oddly enough all I could think of at the time was an eagle that had snatched a chapati from my hand earlier. When I was 14 I fell off a bunk bed onto my back, that time my mind was blank.
  2. The word “Love” is an odd one isn’t it? How can one word so encompass all manner of emotion. I can say “I love my mother” or “I love food” and they both make perfectly good sense but that doesn’t mean I would like to eat my mother or would have liked my ancestors to have been aubergines.
  3. Why isn’t life enough?
  4. I am a ghost writer and this is someone else’s story.
  5. I once participated in an exercise to list five possible opening for my biography. I am not using any of them.

What are yours? Feel free to comment them or go over to Soul Pancake and participate.


16 thoughts on “List five possible openings for your biography

  1. you are just sweet. falling off a bunk bed? ouch

  2. Aubergines? Haha!

  3. I struck the knife deep in his chest repeatedly, every time with even more force than the last. When I was done I felt empty. It had not been as thrilling as i had thought.

    I plan to commit that crime in the future so technically it qualifies for my autobiography which i will write from prison.

  4. AnitPopeth Rocketh…

  5. I’ll think and reply.

  6. That’s a piece o’ cake I can even post my entire biography, a biography of two pages aint that hard to write, is it?

  7. Thanks for the link! I’m enjoying the site. Even bookmarked it and I don’t bookmark anything.

  8. antipop,mental asylum…not prison.
    I love the first one. My vote’s on that one; the rest are so so.

    I am headed for the finish line. I am in second position. He’s trudging on, ahead of me. He doesn’t see me coming. I trip him. I get to the finish line. I win the race. The village belle is mine for the taking.

  9. lol Antipop, Sleek is right.

    Carsozy, are you mistaking this for a resume?

    Tumwijuke So what if you don’t bookmark anything?

    I’ll bye your biographies

  10. i love the second! Got me thinking…I am sooooo late with my comment! Hi friend, where are you friend? Bye friend

  11. these are for a autobiography not biography

  12. oi u mother fucking dick head bastard cunt bitch

  13. dick head faggot bastard dick wipe fanny head barstad paki prong stupid paki

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