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I recently turned 25 and the one thing I have learned so far is to agree with the saying ‘The best laid plans…’

When I was younger I always thought at 25 I would be married and pregnant with my first born who would be a girl whom I would name Esmy for Esmaralda. None of that is about to happen and the awesome thing is I am good with the place my life is in now. I don’t want to be pregnant and married.

So to celebrate my birhtday, I got a tattoe and a new haircut which I am loving. On the tattoe, no one tells you it scabs over before it heals. Well, it does! And it is in that scabby phase right now and not looking so good. Now, when I tell anyone I got one, the first questions they ask are where and what is it?

You’ll just have to see me to find out.


15 thoughts on “25

  1. You grow, you learn. I do not have the stomach for a tattoo, but congs on yours. But what is scabbing?

  2. btw,what is scabbing?Me i have a tatoo also…

  3. Yes where is it?

    and what is it?

  4. not a tramp stamp, ya?? esmaralda??? now thats a name i never heard of

  5. hehe. nice. i like that you are in a good place, hang on as long as possible. about the tats, no one does tell you also what it takes to care for them for the first 5 or so days when you treat whatever bit you have tattooed as a no go zone, the creams, moisturisers etc. all i say is if you want a tat, have it in a most accessible not so senstitive area, and away from stetchy skin. 😀

    happy easter!

  6. CCOngs on the tatoo! envy u. More power to ya if its a “Tramp Stamp”
    Nice that you are in a good place about where your life’s at now

  7. Happy belated.
    The scabbing will only last two days, lots of aqueous cream to help with the mild itching. Whatever you do, do not pick the scabs!
    What is a ‘tramp stamp’?

  8. Happy 25. Make most of this year!! Yeah Babies can wait

  9. Happy Belated Dee. May you have many more realisations about how good life can be.

  10. Happy b-day! Now I really got ee ya to see that tattoo. You know what they say about tattoos, they are the treasure maps of who we have been. Now to find out what it is.

  11. scabbing is when a wound gets scas, that hard layer over the wound, duh! people!
    when i was 21 to 24 i thought the same b4 i turned 25 and nothing huappened except more and more shattering heartbreaks and dissapointments at each turn of the year, getting worse as i grow up but now i am 27 almost 28 in a couple of weeks, i am not sure i want a man in my life , coz relenquishing my new found independence , freedom feels like another dream i wont want to wake up from for the next 40 yrs or so, and i am serious about that.
    i wont ask about the tatoo, i ummm, fear, i think

  12. Thanx lulu,now i know..lemme find someone to bully about not knowing

  13. Lets play a game Can we start guessing where it is?

  14. Ahhh tattoos… Is it on your forehead perchance?

    Esmeralda is one of my favourite female names. Very beautiful. Not too sure where I heard it though.

    Have a brilliant quarter century (yes).

  15. Esmeralda?…really?

    happy 1/4 century!!!…yay!on the tatoo.its on my to do list!

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