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Destined for greatness?


Lately I have been feeling disconsolate, disillusioned, maybe dissatisfied. I feel like there is so much more I could be doing, like there is so much more I could be, like I am destined for greatness and I am settling for mediocrity. Do you ever feel like that? I have no idea what has brought it on. Maybe it’s the fact that I have most of what one needs to be happy, a good man, a job I enjoy doing (or atleast I did before the boredom set in), a home and good friends and I seem to have run out of things to want. All of these things are supposed to make us happy aren’t they? Maybe this is why some people get married. Honestly, I can’t understand it, I just know I want it to be over. I need to do something to take me out of this self imposed rut. Any suggestions?


27 thoughts on “Destined for greatness?

  1. Not even a thank you or form of appreciation in the post?

  2. @Ashy: I don’t mean to sound ungrateful. I am very grateful just kinda bored. So I want some practical suggestions to alleviate said ennui.

  3. You could try breaking up with your man, taking him back, breaking up again, taking him back then threaten to terminate your boss if he doesn’t buy another shirt or whatever you hate about him. I’m sure you’ll get rid of the boredom real good.

  4. YES you are destined for greatness. What your body and mind are now communicating to you through that disillusionment is that, the point at which you are in lifes journey right now is not where you are supposed to be. That maybe you have rested too much and need to dust your shoes and move on to bigger things. And oh, we all feel like that.

  5. We don’t all feel like that… not at the moment anyway, but yes. I’ve been there

  6. start pulling pranks on yo pips, will certainly light up yo world until this feeling passes

  7. I’m where you are right now. Or at least I was – yesterday. Ideas – well. You can try to do something different. I remember when we’d go bungee-jumping, island – hopping, white water rafting. crazy fun times to look forward to. try that. vacation somewhere new. i dunno. something different

  8. …All of these things are supposed to make us happy aren’t they..key word being supposed: I how about you learn something new: enroll in a new course – like motion graphics 😀 or sth you’ve always wanted to do

  9. Spend some time with the less-privileged – orphanage and prison visits tend to refocus me.

    Try and solve a problem for someone.

    Set yourself a kind of goal – short or long term.


    Or wait it out.

  10. Travel is always my answer! Yeah, it’s running away, but it works!

  11. You are destined for greatness. Finding the path to your destiny can be long, tedious and confusing, but never impossible.

    First, if you can, pray about it.

    Second, maybe it’s about time you did something you truly are passionate about. Our biggest [genuine] satisfactions come from doing things that make us feel awesome on the inside.

    These achievements give us a true sense of fulfilment, with or without financial reward, as opposed to routinely trudging along the [seemingly ] gold paved road dictated by the commercial world.

    If you can, take some time off and travel, re-discover yourself.

    You just might find what you’re looking for.

    We need to do pizza.

  12. I know what you mean. I’ve been feeling like that for a long time now I think I will burst.

  13. Corporate blues. My baby got the corporate blues.

    Corporate bluuuuuuess. My baby got the corporate blues.

    Let’s go learn to play the guitar.

  14. music. find some music. Ingrid Michealson and India.Arie.(You are due for a chocolate high) and good jazz…like Kirk Whalum. and the rippingtons. Music is healing.

  15. I guess you got all the right advice now…

  16. Oh, shit. I just realised what the deja vu was about.

    This was in Run!

    Carlo is going to kill someone!

  17. It’s Time to take those giant leaps without much thought and kick all that procrastination out

  18. yup i know the feeling i get it everyday…i pray for direction and get a new hobby rack my brain for something i have always wanted to do that i aint doing then and do it…try that too, marriage aint the answer

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  20. Sweetie, happens to the best out there.

    U’ll get over it.

  21. Erique, Baz does read this blog, y’know?!

  22. Cheri stop stealing my lines. Sweetie take Petesma’s advise you will come around. Its just the routine thats boring. Happens to the best

  23. Get a new hobby. I suggest bungee jumping.

    Otherwise, it’s just that time in everyone’s life.

  24. I know I am destined for greatness but i currently dont have the right tools to figure it out yet. i always have great ideas and dont make much out of it. in the past, i shouldve got into big trouble many times but ,for some odd reason, i didnt (and i really mean some “how the heck did he get sooooo lucky” type deals). i know i am going to make a lot of money and i know i will help people out in the near future, but i dont have the funds yet to do so. i would love to sell one of my website ideas, which i know would yield very high amount of traffic. unfortunately my job website idea , which i thought of a couple years ago, is now a legit website (which i wasnt involved in). I am just some “Joe Schmoe” with an idea but didnt do anything about it until it was too late. three M.I.T. Grads. just made the website (makes me feel good about myself). well, i am getting off topic, sorry. I know things will work out, but I want answers now! haha . i appreciate any help possible. you can just reply to this comment

  25. This is all a dream, You must be willing to sacrifice the mundane illusion of limitation or what you can’t do for the internal creativity of divine potential that lies within. Free youreself for you are the only one that can.

  26. Hello, all my life i have fallen though things that yes, i was very lucky to get out of, one happened recently on getting out of a DUI and got me to stop drinking. I wasnt a big drinker anyway. Just dont drink and drive because you can get pulled over for no reason. Now up until recently i’ve been doing enormous amounts of thinking, reflecting and analyzing my life and its all seeming to lead to something, now im hearing and reading about a lot comotion in the world about the past, the present and also the future (the 2012 Hype) and its really making me feel that sense of destiny and a intense feeling of things to come. I think things happened the way they did in my life to make me strong. Im not saying im invincible but very durable. What is coming mates?

  27. maybe its your religon you should conseder islam you seem like a smart man then think!!!!

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