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Canon A590 IS



That is the camera I bought recently that I have been carrying around with me like a security blanket. And below are a few pictures I have taken with it.






14 thoughts on “Canon A590 IS

  1. Okay, someone else take the socks. Cos you won’t even believe I got them for real properly.

    I like the first one a lot. But that last one? Who is the model? He’s sexy.

  2. Hey Baz, if you happen to be the model in said picture, it’s not gay, its masturbation!

  3. I was going to ask you for its specifications…mega pixels, Zoom length etc, but then I would sound dumb to all the googlers out there

  4. i do note that it has yet to be pointed at baz or his privates….or is that him in the picture?

  5. First one rocks. It becomes my wallpaper.

  6. “It’s not gay, it’s masturbation!” – CLASSIC!!

  7. Not too shabby Dee…
    even the one with some chap attempting to stand in the light!!

  8. Le premier photo est le meilleur.

  9. The window picture is very very pretty.

  10. The Camera is very beautiful.

    The pictures are priceless.

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  12. love ur pictures……………..! im carlo’s cousin btw…lol
    did u do photography btw? did i mention how i loved ur pics..too cool!

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