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Love spelled Google


If you know anything about me then you should know how much I love Google and all it’s products. As a matter of fact, I have seriously re-considered my move to wordpress on more than one occassion but the damn bumper stickers have got me hooked. Anyway, Gmail now offers themes and I really like the one I have now.


It’s called Desk.

Don’t even get me started on Picassa. You have to download it and try it for yourself.

Yay Google!

*this is not a sponsored ad*


9 thoughts on “Love spelled Google

  1. Your disclaimer at the end just negated my comment. Wow, nice template. Merry Christmas to you too

  2. and here i was about to ask you to shoot me with some of that dime google had given you for the ad, dang!

    but yep, the template rocks

  3. A White Christmas in your world? Nice. But this whole google thing I don’t get.

  4. I thought these snowflakes were going to pile until they filled up my screen.


  5. lol…Where have you been? Google has styled up more than that…For me, I even plan to work for Google…that’s how far the love is.

  6. I cosign u 100% on the gmail themes. U should see mine.

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