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Totally Random


  • I am really digging Qwela. You guys should support local industry by buying their album at only Ushs10,000/-
  • Recently my bag was stolen with everything in it. Now I carry a big bag so when I say everything, I mean everything. Anyway, I walk to the nearest police station to where the robbery took place and I report the robbery since I have to have a police report to claim my ID and a new ATM card. Now keep in mind I had nothing on me. I report the crime and the lady gives me a form and tell me to make 2 copies. Can you believe that? I looked at her and sputtered how the report she just took was to the effect that all I own had just been stolen and she looked at me like “and what has that got to do with photocopies?” I hahad.
  • Did I mention how I feel about Qwela?
  • I watched Body of Lies yesterday and Iam telling you, watch it for the character called Hani. He is so good looking.
  • By the way, Qwela play live at Emin Pasha every Friday at 7.30. You don’t have to dish out any to enter but a beer is 4,500 and a glass of the house white wine is 9,000

12 thoughts on “Totally Random

  1. I’ll keep these socks for Nev, who really needs them.

    Qwela? Can we sample a bit? Are these people on You-tube or something?

  2. Ye how much did they ask for the forms?

  3. So sorry Dee. I wish people would steal the money out of bags but leave us with our documents, sim cards and lip gloss.

    I will take you up on Qwela.

  4. losing bag sucks!!! You seemed together enough to do something about it atleast. i’d be sitting somewhere staring into space…

  5. Sorry abt yo loss.
    happened to me last month. car was broken into
    and everything taken. went to jinja road police to report
    the loss and dude asked for ugx 100,000 to make
    us a police report. can yu imagine. almost assaulted
    an officer on his own turf.
    Abt Qwela, yeah they are really good.

  6. ivan??????????? that was ma post above.

  7. What tha ???? Jny. I will not be impersonated like that. People may think I have a car

  8. Hani – absolutely SEXY!

  9. Eh, why does Jny’s comment have Ivan’s link? So Ivan has a car? Great!

    Dee, that was terrible about your bag. Trust Ugandan police to be so fake. I’ll check Qwela out.

  10. Hmm… 10K’s a nice price. I remember buying SAGE’s album at 20…

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