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ubhh BHH is back and it’s on Thurday 27th November, 2008. The next one will be in January so don’t miss the chance to see your fellow bloggers before the end of yet another year. Remember we will be having the annual Uganda Best of Blog awards in February, details on that will be given in January.

See you at Mateos at 6.30pm.


UPDATE: I am going to give the first 30 bloggers an early Christmas present, so don’t miss out and don’t be late.


5 thoughts on “BHH

  1. HI Dee and All Bloggers,

    So, sadly, this lion is leaving Uganda for good. I’ll pop up in West Africa in January, but I’ve enjoyed the blog community as it is here. Thanksgiving is on Thursday so I’ll be unlikely to stop by to say goodbye, but, I wanted to add that should anyone want to start working for Global Voices, there’s definitely great content in Uganda that’s not being highlighted on that site, so get in touch with me!

    Take Care All,

  2. Baz, Petesmama, Tumwi, Scarlet, Igiss, Nevender, Cheri, Danny Crazy, Erique, DeTbs, Kakaire it wouldnt hurt if you showed up just this once and brought our christmas presents for good measure. I wear size six shoes. Yeah I know. Patagonia WHAT!

  3. Scarlett the thanksgiving sounds like a treat, may we pass by for a bit, then make it to the BHH? I’d love to, tee hee hee
    Guess my thursday evening is booked, see y’all then,
    till then, easy does it(smile)

  4. Ha, this one I wont miss..the present.

  5. Everytime i come you guys are late and i cant wait but this time i am going to wait

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