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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


So the month has come to an end but this does not mean you should forget all you have learnt this month. My experiences were very enlightening and I’ll definitely feel my boobies more often.

We recognised the month at my office and we had everyone come in Pink on one day and we visited breast cancer patients in Mulago. I am so proud of the team I work with for owning the project born from my little idea. Below are a few pictures of the Pink day.

By the way, my banner is a collage of just some of the days I wore the pink ribbon. If you were at BHH, you probably got a pink ribbon from me although the month was about to end.


7 thoughts on “Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  1. okay… i keep counting the peeps in Pink.. there….err.. aint that many. i was expecting IMPLOSION like lights, camera… PINK!

    tis good u learned something…

  2. I was also expecting to be overwhelmed with the pink-ness.

    Still, thanks for the pink ribbon!

  3. Had a problem walking around stakeout last thursday with my pink ribbon on…most of the boyos thout ther was some wrong with me.
    but i took the time to explain to the few who cared to know what was up, thanx to you.

  4. On a lighter note:

    It is also spreading awareness you people. Just because it’s the Onion and just because it is funny doesn’t mean it doesn’t bring the issue forward.

  5. It’s a start…well played

  6. I dont see my ribbon up there lol!!! just for the good cause i will not complain…………….

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