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Soup Kitchen Recap


Like I said before, I didn’t get a chance to go to the soup kitchen but I did get some pics. But first some facts;

  • The soup kitchen at a BEUGA (Basic Education for Urban Poor Areas) center where the kids around Katanga go to become literate. The teachers there are volunteers and some of them grew up in Katanga.
  • The kids there range from 3 to 11 years of age.
  • The classes take place everyday but there is no lunch provided for these kids except for once a day and that meal is a cup of porridge which is why Jose came up with the idea for the soup kitchen.

There were 6 people (Richard, William, Christine, Grace, Phillip, Prim) who volunteered to help Jose and these 7 served more than 70 children the chapatis they had bought and the beans they had prepared themselves for lunch.

Here are the pictures.


Here you can see the volunteers after they have already prepared the food and are serving it. Richard, who has his own post up, says the food tasted pretty good.

They bought 200 chapatis and by the end of the lunch not even a morsel was left. Richard took these pictures on his phone, by the way, if the quality is not up to par although I really love this last one.

Again, you can reach Jose on 0782430333 for any questions or to provide any assistance.

Check out Richard’s post for a different take on the day.


8 thoughts on “Soup Kitchen Recap

  1. I would love to get involved in this. This is great.

  2. This was so so kind of these guys.
    I’d surely like to be a part of the next
    soup kitchen “thing”.

  3. I seriously wanted to come for this but Sato found me deep in some village in Mpererwe.

    Sounds like fun though.

  4. What is so exciting about this is that Ugandans are getting into the groove of volunteerism.

    I volunteer at my old school – Nakasero PS once a month and then every two weeks at a project for vulnerable women near my home. It is the most rewarding experience and more people – especially those who have been given a position of priviledge – should give back freely.

    There are so many opportunities for volunteering, but perhaps I should save a potential mini post for my own blog.

  5. TRAITOR!!!!
    You tell people about a noble cause, people get excited and meanwhile you who is supposed to be in the thick of things somehow you don’t show up? Unless you were at a funeral or your own wedding, or a member of the bridal party at a friend’s/family’s wedding, there is no excuse for you to have missed in action.

    Your sentencing hearing is in December. You are free to appeal though.

  6. Bambi I was at work. I really wanted to be there.

  7. I went all soapy when I first read this post. If I was not in office I could have cried.
    I want in next time.

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