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More on the Soup Kitchen


The soup kitchen is on today. Jose says all the volunteers are meeting at Akamweesi at 12.00pm in Room E1. If you’re late, you still need to head to Room E1 where there will be someone to show you where the soup kitchen is. Pass by even if it’s just to see what’s going on.


Some of you had a few questions and here are the answers. The funding is made through fundraising, Jose and his friends and hopefully some of you good people out there contribute the money we use to buy either the chapatis or flour to make the chapatis and the beans which the volunteers cook.


Jose’s number is 0782430333. Give him a call to support the soup kitchen or simply to get directions.


There will be pictures up here next week documenting how the first day went.


I am so bummed that I can’t make it there. I, as usual, am at work so do show up and rep the blogosphere. Let’s make a difference.


4 thoughts on “More on the Soup Kitchen

  1. Are these socks or boots..?
    Good luck in the soup plot.

  2. soup? are you doing catering?

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