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Blog Action Day post


I was wondering what to write as my post for blog action day. The issue of poverty is such a wide one that I don’t know where to start.


I will start by saying that I don’t actually know any poor people. I don’t mean broke people but people who live on less than the 1$ a day that is apparently the threshold of poverty.


I have said on occassion that I am poor but I am not poor, not by a long shot. I live with my Mom so I don’t pay rent, I have a pretty good job that I enjoy doing that pays me enough to live on, buy groceries for my home and pay the occassional utility bill. I have acces to internet 24/7 either at work or at home or even on the move using my phone. I go out to eat with my friends and only on Saturday I cooked lunch for a bunch of them.


The question is, how does poverty affect me? On a global scale or even just in my neighbourhood.


I don’t know. What I do know is I can empathise with the world’s poor simply because I have been hungry before. Each of you has ever been really hungry with nothing to eat, so hungry all you can do is sleep. Now imagine having that hunger loom over you for your whole life.


That is why I am going to volunteer at a ‘soup kitchen.’ A friend of a friend is starting one in Katanga and the first serving is on Saturday from 12.00 (mid day) to 3.00pm. His name is Jose and we will be serving ‘Kikomando’ which for DeT’s sake is chapati and beans.


Do come down and join us. I will post more details tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Blog Action Day post

  1. Soup Kitchen huh? After reading Street Lawyer, I was moved to do something of the sort, even start a homeless shelter when the mullah comes through some day.

    But Saturday is tight, lol.

  2. How poverty affects you: A mini-post in the comments section: Denny Crane said it– poor people bring everyone down.

    If, for example, all those people were not so poor, they would be able to afford your company’s services, which would make the company more profitable, and probably lead to a rise in your income.

    At the very least, if many more Ugandans at least had the means to produce more food to sell, well, food might be cheaper.

    etc. Generally the whole argument about why the US has to consider the transformation of the third world as crucial for their economic future. Poverty affects everyone, not just the poor, that we know.

    Good luck at the soup kitchen. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

  3. Grandma likes to say “baana banje, obwooro nembwa…”

    I think i want to eat kikomando 2day.

  4. Soup kitchen sounds great. Please keep posting the dates when it happens. Some people may be able to join you.

  5. I’m so in. I’ll be the one with a huge smile on my face and the biggest spoon at the beans table. Lord knows I might be too skinny to ‘kanda’ chapatis properly.

  6. You really don’t know any poor people?

    The only existence I know is that of a tug of war between those I know that are extremely wealthy and those for whom one meal a day is an event. They are my friends, my family and my foes. I laugh with them, I cry with them and I share my life with them.

    You don’t know any poor people. Bambi, this isn’t intended to be disparaging, but woah!

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