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Improptu as if BHH


We will be having an improptu BHH earlier this month so our dear DeTamble who came all the way from Australia can attend and also so we can meet and commiserate with Joshi as well.


The date is Thursday 16th October and the place is Mateos as per the usual.


This does not mean we shall not be having the real BHH will not be there later in the month.


See you there.


14 thoughts on “Improptu as if BHH

  1. Firsties!

    That is as close as I get to BHH.


  2. This is the BHH to top all BHHs, Petesmama, Baz, Igis, Minty and Emrys should also attend.

  3. uuhhmmm, Emrys??? maybe DK

  4. Huh? And that’s for the last statement right? Darlyne went and forgot her English. But I think she means the real BHH will STILL be there at the end of the month. I’m psyched firstly to finally meet DeT (If you’re not hot I swear I want my money back) and to say warrup to Joshi.

  5. Ok, not alone (in my huh…?) on the last stat’t.

  6. Thanks Carlo. That is exactly what I meant.

  7. say hi to the little one.

  8. …Uh huh?! I’m open to learning about a BHH, the prospect of meeting an-out-of-towner sounds exciting…but that’s me assuming
    This is the part where I fiddle around hoping someone will say…’Yeah, Walkonby, do join us, it will be fun!’
    But then again, I’m not one to pre-empt things…
    tee hee hee

  9. Walkonby, do join us it will be fun!

  10. Darlyne I already beat you to it. BHH Party Warabout. And your sorry ass refused to show up.

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