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Below are a few things I did with myself while I was on leave. The only one I don’t have pictures of is probably the one thing I enjoyed the most. I went to the Islands with two amazing women and I had such good time.
My niece got married and I went for the wedding, which was really nice but I almost went looking horrible all because of one mean saloon woman.


I went into a saloon and asked the lady to do up my hair since I was going for a wedding. I trusted her and immediately buried my head in a book and this is what I saw when I looked up. Needless to say I went straight to the nearest bathroom and undid it. Let me show you the back.

OMG!!!! some more

OMG!!!! some more

Okumanya men and women are not the same, all the girls I showed this too totally agreed on the atrociousness of the hair and all the guys went “It’s not so bad. I don’t see what’s wrong with it.” This is how I ended up going.

Much better. Whew

Much better. Whew

I also made the loveliest purchase prior to the wedding which I simply had to carry.

Too Cute!

Too Cute!

I also took a trip to Ndaija, Rwampara to visit my grandmother whom I hadn’t seen in over 3 years and the views there are to die for. Here are a few.

Thatis the path off the main road that actually goes to Ndaija.



Same path only I was looking back on it not walking down it. (See how I can a full blown road a path? I have kama)

That’s my Grannie walking up from her house. She sustains herself entirely. She has cows from she gets milk everyday and she grows her own food too which she sells for the money to buy what she can’t grow or make herself. She is truly amazing. She is above 80 but still gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to tend her gardens, rabbits. I’m barely 25 and I get a terrible back ache every time I sweep my house. Go g

I came back early from the country (read village) to attend my friend Daphne’s wedding where I was giving a speech on behalf of the Bride’s friends. (Carlo how did I do?)

And the only picture I managed to snag of the Bride & Groom.

You can tell the man didn’t have alot of say in the decoration of the wedding.


10 thoughts on “Pics

  1. sitockis. Now the rest of you can say. I even know what you are going to say anyway. Yeah. She is.

  2. Taken the words right out of my mouth, Baz. Plus, I suspect influence peddling.

    Nice photos Dee. I’m envying your granma.

  3. You hair looked like some of the hills in Ndaija. Horrible Nollywood hairstyle. I hope you got your money back.

    Hot pink wedding decor?!

  4. Baz, u know!

    Dee, that salon chic was malicious.

    the man really had nothing to do with the wedding decor…that pink is blinding.

    Pretty pic of u and Carlo. always.

    Kati, I hope u post on a regular. See u at the next BHH.

  5. gorgeous place! but the pink in the last picture. i think i burned my retinas!

  6. burnt retinas wabula do men ever have a say in wedding colours mine wont have i choose to be selfish.

  7. Won’t even trip on the hott pink wedding drama
    i bet he was looking at Daph and saying “she best smile”

    your grand momz is the truth just like Mrs.B2B

  8. Naye B2B ever to blow for himself!!! Shya, what’s wrong with us women who can’t be like Dee or my grandma? Hm? Won’t we find something as ‘basik’ as a husband? Shall we be denied that because dawn is just not my time to wake up? Ok, rant over. Go on and love your woman without beef from me. LOL.

    Meanwhile, on the speech. You actually did pretty well. Much better than at Aino’s grad party where you spoke two sentences for four seconds and left. Kudos.

  9. what is that thing you are calling cute? is it a mattress? i cant seem to make out what it is. helepu please

  10. you know that quiet child who doesn’t say much, because when she speaks everyone laughs, or taunts her about what said for the rest of her life,
    I feel like that child.
    Because I don’t know whats wrong with the pink wedding!

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