Dee In A Nutshell

Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me.



I am back at work, back at the Gulag.

And also, I have made the much dreaded move to WordPress. Why, you might ask. I feel like I have betrayed Google but I can’t do with Blogger what I can do with WordPress which is fiddle with my template and have it look as I imagined it would and also have bu little widgets. Maybe, I never really figured out Blogger and that prompted the move but nevertheless, here I am.


10 thoughts on “Work.


    So now that you moved you do realise we’ll be expecting you to post more often……

    Or else.

  2. i have been pondering a move like this one for a long long time now, but like you, i will feel almost guilty leaving blogger! Now if only i could be a bitch (like you?) and just abandon it, my life would be much easier…

  3. bambi, finally now you can do all you wanted to, why would you feel guilty for leaving one free service for another??

  4. welcome to the dark side….

  5. Welcome… much to fear, you have…

  6. Another convert. Yay. Welcome

  7. For sheezee
    welcome to the real ish


  8. Traitor! Backstabber! Bumscratcher! Ok, the last one just sounded very juvenile so I put it in there.

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