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BHH Review


After putting up the kalango (DeT: announcement) for BHH on the actual day of the event (see how these days it’s an event for me) I turn up at 7.00pm and I am the only one for a full half hour. B2B had kindly put up the kalango and I was starting to wonder if anyone read his blog. I was sure they did what with all the comments on that particular post but no one, not even he had showed up by the time Carlo arrived at about 7.45pm. The next guy to show up was Benge Solomon of Node Six and I was so excited to meet him because his aggregator, Blog Spirit, has become my be all and end all for Ugandan blogs. So he and Carlo exchanged cards and I simply received one of his cards. Solomon, I am waiting for my tracker. B2B then finally showed up with Channel in tow and she had a camera so there should be some pics up on her blog soon, I hope. Ivan was the next to show up looking all cleaned up with a new haircut bambi. Ivan, good luck with the interview. Eddslah showed up next with his trusty companion whose name I can never remember (I’m sorry) then Heaven came along looking all refreshed from all her time off and guess who came with? Her lover also called Peter oddly enough and finally BB, Channel’s roomie who made an appearance last time also showed up this time. I’m not too sure about the order people came in though and I don’t think it really matters. It was nice per the usual. (Why, you may ask yourself, is this one long paragraph? I don’t know either)


9 thoughts on “BHH Review

  1. it is okay. sometimes you find, the only way you can express yourself is in one long paragraph. so what do you do? you go ahead and pen it in just the one paragraph. tx for the re-cap

  2. Dee, it’s not a new haircut, its the same one i always get.

  3. Eeeiiiii but how could you forget Heaven!

  4. Sounds strangely…empty.

  5. It was awesome meeting you guys.

    Truly awesome.

    I hope with time I’ll be able to meet all of you. today I met Country Boy (dennozbug) on totally unrelated business.

    But Dee, you forgot H!

  6. But whats with these bulango which we see a day after the event?

  7. I er notice that peeps who do read my joint, tend to just read and thats it!
    not follow up!
    Cheers for the follow up review Dee…

  8. tihihihihi @ Ivan

  9. Awww thanks for the explanation. You know I need them, or I’m left with that confused and left out look on my face and if it’s not righted right away I start getting mad and muttering Australian under my breath.

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