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I don’t believe I have ever done a randomsies post but being up at 8.30am with nothing to fill your days with kinda begs one of those posts.

First random thought
The chic in the David Guetta videos has got herself one sweet gig. David Guetta is a DJ and you know how they actually have videos for their songs these days and in all his videos, the main character is this chic, who I must say is very pretty. I just found out her name is Kelly Thiebaud. *hums* “what are we supposed to do, no use to deny this simple truth, now that the love is gone”

Second random thought
Chic in David Guetta’s videos should be a gig on ‘Do you want to become a celebrity’ this game I am addicted to on facebook.

Third rt
I hate Madonna. Chic is 50 and fitter than I have ever been. Her time. What’s even more annoying is I will sing along to every one of her songs anyway, the witch.

4th rt
There are some odd games in the Olympics. For starters, Water Polo which is basically hand ball in the water.

5th rt
There is an Olympian, one of the women gymnasts. Her name is Anastasia “Nastia” Liukin whose mother was a floor gymnast who competed in the Olympics and father was an athlete who competed in the Olympics and won Gold. Talk about destiny or maybe about creating Hybrids to win the gold.

6th rt
I like the way the icons for different sports at the Olympics look like Chinese symbols.

I am all out of thoughts… for now.


7 thoughts on “Randomsies

  1. totally addicted to ‘make me a celebrity” on FB. the gigs and the mall….my fave.

  2. Carl Lewis’ mum and sister were also Olympians..Plus the Japanese Hammer thrower Koji Murofushi’s father and mother were Olympians, not forgetting his Sister who competes at the Asian games..

  3. i am not beyond smacking idle people through the interwebs.

    i have tried to watch zese olempeeks. i has failed.

  4. i am not beyond smacking idle people through the interwebs.

    i have tried to watch zese olempeeks. i has failed.

    they seemed more…fun..somehow.

  5. now even blogger is sending my comments in triplicate.

  6. Yay, Dee, blogging on a daily…I like.

    Chill water polo…I don’t think archery, shooting, etc are sports. If that’s the case, then they should draft F1, golf, WRC, go karting (I think go karting is there, not too sure.)

  7. The Now Show had this thing about how the British are going to show, through the Olympics, that they excell in the posh snotty useless posts. Like Show-Jumping.

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