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Leave! Yay!


Hello y’all.

Now that I am on leave you should expect to see a lot more of me here. So, I’ve only been on leave for three days and counting but it is not as fun as I expected it would be. Being at home has prompted my mother to make me the maid and my mornings have been starting with me cleaning the house, making breakfast, having some breakfast and then making lunch. The whole time I have been sneaking in glimpses of the Olympics which I am enjoying immensely. It is truly something else to see what one can do with enough training and passion. These athletes are giving their all and it is very entertaining to watch and I personally am going to practise my synchronised swimming so I can rep. Ug in 2010 Britain. I’m going away on Friday so I’m psyched about that and also when I come back on Sunday I am going to our very own Skate Park to watch the competition. Come on down if you have a minute, all I know is that it is in Kitintale. I plan to ask for directions when I get there.

In other news, how have you all been?


4 thoughts on “Leave! Yay!

  1. lucky you on leave!
    Skate park’s open? where where?

  2. Lucky u! Someone us are like donkeys.

    I hope we’ll be “seeing” more of u for real.

  3. Eh, man, for some of us leave is just a myth…

    Meantime, I like the way the title of the page bees like:

    “Feed Me, Love Me, Never Leave Me: Leave! Yay!”


  4. So you’re practising how to be a house-wife? He he he.

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